Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) Health Insurance vs Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

While you may take all the necessary steps to maintain your health, like eating nutritious food, working out and minimizing mental stress, you need to go a step further in protecting yourself. Have you thought about getting health insurance? A health insurance policy comes to your aid in times of medical emergencies and reduces the financial cost of treatment. Picking a health insurance plan can be a daunting task though, so here’s a Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) versus Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan comparison to get you started on your health insurance journey.

Health Insurance Policy: Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) vs Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Plan Comparison 

Parameter Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
Number of health insurance plans 10+ 15+
E-services Policy purchase, renewal, claim settlement, online consultation and assistive chat services Policy purchase, policy renewal, claim settlement, online consultation, and 24×7 call assistance
Branches 25+ 200+
Incurred claims ratio 54% 77%
Claim settlement ratio 92% 67%
Claim settlement time 30 minutes for cashless claim processing  60 minutes for cashless claim settlement
Hospital network More than 5,000 More than 6,500

Source: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) Annual Report 2018-19


Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) is a globally reputed insurance provider and offers over 10+ healthcare plans. The company offers all-round health care policies that provide coverage for individuals, family, senior citizens, critical illnesses and Covid-19; among others. 

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance is a well-established insurance company and part of the pedigreed Bajaj Group of India. It offers 15+ healthcare plans that provide cover for individuals, family, senior citizens, critical illnesses, personal accidents and COVID-19 etc. 

While both companies have a strong foothold in the market, you can compare Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) and Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance policies to see which insurer to pick for your unique needs:

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans: 

Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) offers all-round health insurance plans that adequately cover you and your family’s needs. Key offerings include:

  • Provides specialized coverage to suit different health care needs with insurance plans such as Health Companion, Health Premia, Goactive, Criticare, Heartbeat etc. 
  • Offers a high sum assured value and an affordable premium rate
  • Covers pre-and post-hospitalization charges as well as in-patient hospitalization charges. 
  • Covers expenses for day care and alternate treatment, organ donor transplant, childbirth and maternity needs etc.
  • Provides advanced benefits like a daily health coach, emergency ambulance services, home healthcare, mental disorder treatment, etc.
  • Offers assured life-time policy renewal, in-built travel insurance, and international coverage

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance offers individual plans and family floater plans that provide extensive coverage. Main features include: 

  • No lower age limit, the policy covers newborns/ infants as well
  • Extends coverage to in-laws, grand-children, and dependent siblings too
  • Covers in-patient hospitalization charges, pre and post-hospitalization charges, organ donor expenses, day-care procedures, ambulance charges, maternity benefits etc.
  • Covers expenses for alternate Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment under AYUSH
  • Offers lifetime renewability 

Critical Illness Insurance Plans

Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) has a CritiCare plan that provides full coverage to you and your family against major critical illnesses. Benefits offered include:

  • Provides a vast coverage for 20 major critical illnesses including cancer, first heart attack, permanent paralysis, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, lung disease etc.
  • Provides a cover of up to Rs.2 crore and offers affordable premium rates
  • Offers discounts on long-term plans
  • Offers direct claim settlement and a life-long renewal option

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance covers you and your entire family against 10 critical illnesses. Some important highlights include: 

  • Provides coverage against 10 life-threatening illnesses like cancer, stroke, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis and permanent paralysis, among others. 
  • Covers pre, post and in-patient hospitalization chargers
  • Offers sum assured up to Rs.50 lakh 
  • Offers life-time renewability 

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) aims to provide holistic and affordable health care coverage to all senior citizens. That is why it has a Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy with no upper limit age restriction. The plan offers: 

  • No age restriction; anyone above the age of 65 can avail this policy
  • Offers affordable premium rates with high sum assured 
  • Covers pre, post and in-patient hospitalization charges 
  • Covers charges for alternate treatment and day care treatment
  • Offers assured life-time renewal option

Bajaj Allianz offers a silver health plan to serve senior citizen needs. Its aim is to provide affordable and quality health care to senior citizens. The highlights of the plan include: 

  • Available for senior citizens up to 70 years of age
  • Offers a pre-existing illness cover
  • Covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses 
  • Provides free health check-ups, online doctor consultations and ambulance covers
  • Offers hassle-free cashless facility and speedy claim settlement process 

This detailed Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) versus Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance plan comparison guide will help you choose a health plan suitable to your needs. In case, you need further help, you can always seek guidance from professional insurance experts to buy insurance online.