Apollo Munich Insurance Reviews, Ratings, Best Plans and USPs

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

This insurance was a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health – now a part of HDFC Ergo . This common belief led to the formation of a solid foundation of a health insurance company. AHG joined hands with a world renowned leader in health insurance – Munich Health to form a venture to provide world class health facilities to every individual.

Since it is inception in 2007, quality healthcare and Apollo have become quite synonymous. Global healthcare experts backed by the International Accreditation bodies have showered heaps of praises for their services. This has helped Apollo to win the Insurer of the year and Innovation of the year from Asia Insurance Review in 2013 and 2012, respectively.

Apollo boasts of a strong agency network, smooth claim servicing capabilities and evolved technology. HDFC Ltd. aimed to create the largest private general insurer and hence acquired 51% stake in Apollo Munich Health to benefit from the synergies. The core idea is to increase the customer base, improve the distribution capabilities of the products on offer with the aim to strengthen the market position.

The policyholders would greatly benefit from a larger ecosystem more so with the enhanced geographical reach of more than 300 branch offices across the country. The strength of the network hospitals would manifold too. Apollo Munich Health has also received the Best Customer Experience Award of the year and excellence in Financial Reporting in 2016.

    About Apollo Munich Health Insurance

    Multiple policy terms

    Multiple policy terms with the options to pay premium as per one’s convenience is one of the best features of policies offered by Apollo Munich Health. It eases off the burden to follow terms and conditions end to end to a great extent as plans can be customed to the suited needs of policy holders.

    High claim settlement ratio of 99.07%

    As per the report published by the IRDAI the claim settlement ratio commonly known as CSR stood at 99.07% for the fiscal year 2019-2020. This is arrived at in the following manner – the opening claims at the beginning of the year are taken into account in addition to claims made during the year. The total no. of claims settled out of these results into the % number we look at the end of the year. This high CSR only helps to prove the smooth & streamlined process that Apollo Munich Health follows to commit to its customers.

    Guaranteed maturity benefit

    Policyholders are required to pay off premium every year until the maturity date of the policy. Upon survival till the maturity date, entire maturity amount along with all benefits are provided to them.

    Flexible payouts

    Depending upon the choice and ease of the policy holders – insurers provide the option of flexible payouts. Meaning – either a lumpsum amount or easy installments are set out to hand over the maturity amount towards the end of the maturity period. This helps the policy holders to plan for the future well in advance and receive benefits from insurers too.

    Quick death benefit processing

    To have the required support at the time of prime need is crucial. In cases of sudden/accidental deaths insurers gear up to provide all the benefits attached to the policy (as per the terms) to the insured/family of insured. It only requires that till that date, how much ever premium is due is cleared off by the policy holder timely.

    Tax benefits

    Tax benefits as much as Rs. 75,000 can be availed as tax savings in certain plans offered by Apollo Munich Health. This is an important driving factor when it comes to choosing an insurance plan. The Income Tax Act allows policy holders tax benefits under its provisions.

    As per statistics provided by Policy Bazaar, Apollo Munich Health Life enjoys a rating of 4.2 out of 5 based on 82 reviews.

    Here is a brief insight into its ratings across key parameters:

    • Customer Service: 4/5
    • Premium: 4/5
    • Plan benefits- 4/5
    • Policy coverage: 4/5

    Majority of the customers have quoted to be satisfied with the following-

    • Swift claim settlement
    • Easy & hassle-free policy renewal
    • User friendly website
    • Effective plans comparison
    • Authentic Information
    • Specific plans for women/critical illness policies
    • Wider coverage
    • Approachable customer support
    • Secure payment gateway
    • Home treatment in certain cases

    A suitable health insurance could turn out to be a bonus in the times of need. It could be a step towards protecting and safeguarding interests of our loved ones in case the need of hospitalization arises. Hospitalization either due to an accident or because of some illness, any which way burn a hole in the savings and leave us financially and mentally stressed.

    To avoid such difficult situations below are the top policies offered by Apollo Munich Health:

    1. Indemnity Health Insurance Plan
    2. Top-up Health Insurance Plan
    3. Fixed benefit Health Insurance Plan

    Indemnity Health Insurance Plans

    Optima Restore Family Health Insurance Plans

    This plan is most suitable for small families as it provides sum insured benefits from the range of Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs. There is restoration benefit of 100% basic sum assured to cover up the first claim made. It further doubles up the sum insured amount in case of consecutive two claim free years. Extended coverage of 60 days prior to and 180 days post hospitalisation is provided. This eases off the burden to a good limit.

    My Health Suraksha

    The following are the features of the plan:

    • No restriction on room rent
    • Cashless claims approved as quickly as 30 mins
    • Free preventive health check ups are provided so that a constant track is maintained, and we know we are keeping hale and hearty
    • Cumulative bonus – It always rewards the insured when no claim is made. The sum insured is increased by 10-20% or even more than double as a whole at times depending on the policy opted, during the renewal process.

    My Health Koti Suraksha

    This is a premium category health plan providing benefits in the range of Rs 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The customers have the option to choose plans basis their needs and requirements.

    • When the need for hospitalization arises – the insured enjoys the freedom to choose the type of room up to the standard AC private room
    • Pre hospitalisation of 60 days and post hospitalisation charges incurred towards investigaion, additional therapy session of doctor’s consultation charges are included as a part of the plan.
    • Cumulative bonus – Every claim-free renewal can add up to 10% of sum assured to a maximum of 100%.

    Top-Up Health Insurance Plans

    As the name suggests, this type of plan further compliments our existing insurance plan. The idea is to enhance to a wider coverage at a low premium cost. This provides a boost to the current plan as this is one of the super top up plans available at a pocket friendly premium amount.

    My Health Medisure Super Top-up

    The top up plan provides the below benefits:

    • This top up plan could be termed as an all-inclusive family top up plan as it ensures majority of our loved ones are benefitted from the wider coverage – right frm our parents to in-laws, niece, nephew, spouse, and our kids.
    • No health check ups up to age of 55 years is required
    • This could be availed as a long-term policy of 2 years and a 5% discount on the premium is offered to the insured. However, if we wish to cover our family of more than 2 members then we can avail a 10% discount on the individual sum assured.

    Exclusions from the plan:

    • Treatments required for obesity or cosmetic surgery
    • Any claims made due to war
    • No claims/costs would be covered if insured meets with any accident while participating in the Army/Navy/Air Force operations.
    • Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases

    Fixed Benefit Insurance Plans

    Major illnesses requiring a prolonged treatment are covered under this plan. This also works in addition to the existing cover plan. The previous plans that we looked at pay us basis actual costs incurred to date, whereas a lumpsum plan pays in a go. Expenses arising out of Cancer, Paralysis, Stroke, or multiple sclerosis are covered under this plan.

    Critical Illness Insurance:

    There are two types of Plans under this head – Silver and Platinum.

    Claims would be entertained after a waiting period of 90 days under these plans. The sum assured is cleared off in a single transaction. These plans are available for 1 or 2 years with a smooth option of renewal.

    The survival period is of 30 days – meaning the patient should survive a minimum of 30 days once he/she is diagnosed with the diseases under this plan.

    The diseases covered both these plans are as under –

    Silver Plan

    Platinum Plan

    Heart Attack

    Aorta Graft Surgery


    Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension


    Heart valve replacement

    Kidney Failure

    Parkinson’s disease

    Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

    Alzheimer’s disease

    Multiple sclerosis

    End stage liver disease

    Organ Transplantation



    Heart Attack

    Travel Insurance Plans

    Having a travel insurance is more than a safety move while planning to venture out in these unprecedented times. Apollo Munich Health has got you covered in the best possible ways. The heavy medical expenses arising out of COVID-19 calls for a safety precaution if unfortunately, one faces any health issues while travelling. It acts as your “SafetyKaTicket” and protects you.

    It has the following categories of travel insurance plans:

    Travel Insurance – Individual

    Travel Insurance – Family

    Travel Insurance – Student

    Frequent Flyers Insurance

    Key Highlights of Student Plans are as below:

    • Refund of tuition fees if in case study gets affected due to a prolonged hospitalisation or death of a family member
    • Loss of passport
    • Sponsor protection – Tuition fees would be paid off if the guardian/sponsor has an accidental death
    • Compassionate visit – Any family member visiting the insured when hospitalised for more than 7 days
    • Bail Bond facility – The bail amount would be borne by the insurer in case of arrest/detention for a bailable offense.





    Frequent Flyer

    Emergency Medical Coverage – Cashless Facility





    Dental expenses





    Hospital daily cash allowance





    Accidental Death





    Permanent Disablement





    Loss of Baggage & Personal Documents





    Personal Liability





    Hijack Distress Allowance





    Hotel Accommodation





    Apollo Munich Health Home Insurance Plans

    Building a home is one of our most prized and valued dreams. When we build a home, we not only create a structure but also create an atmosphere of belongingness with our prized possessions that beautifully decorate our home. It is with our lifelong earnings and savings that fetches us this dream at some point hence it is crucial to protect it and not lose it all in a striking unexpected natural calamity or any accident.

    Apollo Munich Health has two specific plans – For Tenants and for owners. Let us look into the details:


    Insurance for Tenants

    Insurance for Owners


    1 to 5 years

    1 to 5 years

    Coverage up to Rs. (including property & possessions)

    Rs. 25 lakhs

    Rs. 25 lakhs

    Type of discounts

    Security discount, salaried discount, Intercom discount, long-term discount

    Security discount, salaried discount, Intercom discount, long-term discount

    Portable Electronics covered



    Inclusions forming part of the plans:

    • Loss due to fire, burglary & theft
    • Electrical breakdown – Due to breakdown of home appliances by accident
    • Natural calamities – earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.
    • Man-made disasters – These highly affect the peace of mind too – they include riots, terrorism, malicious acts, and strikes
    • Accidental damage
    • Alternate accommodation is provided – shifting expenses, emergency purchases expenses, hotel/rent accommodation expenses for the family, etc.

    Exclusions forming part of the plans:

    • Willful misconduct
    • Third party construction loss
    • Under construction home insurance is not covered
    • Wear & tear due to maintenance and renovation
    • War loss/damages & old content – valuables over 10 years of age would not be covered

    Best policies of Apollo Munich Health Life Insurance

    Apollo Munich Health Life Insurance caters to a wide range of life insurance and wealth management plans. The key details of the best policies of Apollo Munich Health life insurance is listed in the table below:

    Plan type

    Entry age (min)

    Minimum sum assured

    Key Highlight

    My Health Suraksha Insurance – Silver Smart Plan

    Health Insurance for Parents

    No age specific limit as policy can be taken right after 18 years of age

    Rs. 3 Lakhs

    (Up to Rs. 5 lakhs)

    No medical tests required up to 45 years of age. Ayush Benefits and mental healthcare benefits are included.

    Waiting Period: Pre-existing diseases will be covered post first 3 years of renewal

    My Health Women Suraksha

    Health Insurance for Women

    No specific limit – can be taken any time as suitable

    Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore

    Attractive discounts:

    - Up to 5% for online policy

    - 7.5% on two years policy

    - 12.5% for three years policy

    Waiting period: 90 days for Major expenses. 180 days for Minor expenses.


    Energy Health Insurance

    Health Insurance for Diabetics

    18 to 65 years of age

    Silver and Gold Plans in range of Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 50 Lakhs (difference being inclusion of wellness test in Gold Plan)

    Includes – Wellness Program & incentives, Personal heath coach

    Waiting Period: 2 years for specified & 3 years for PEDs

    Review and Ratings of Apollo Munich Health Life Insurance

    Apollo Munich Health Life has trained distributors throughout the country with a dedication towards providing effective financial and insurance suggestions to customers. At present, the company caters to more than 200 cities across India.

    The market share of the company between 2015 and 2020 is as specified below:


    Market share

    FY 2015


    FY 2016


    FY 2017


    FY 2018


    FY 2019


    FY 2020


    It was in November 2020, merger between Apollo Munich Health General Insurance and Apollo Munich Health Health Insurance that was responsible for the significant increase post that period. Overall, the private sector insurers have held a tight grip over the Indian general insurance landscape and these numbers are mere proof of the same holding.

    Apollo Munich Health Life has also seen steady growth in the Claims ratio. The table below shows the Claims ratio of the company between 2014 and 2019.


    Claim Settlement Ratio

    2014 – 2015


    2015 – 2016


    2016 – 2017


    2017 – 2018


    2018 – 2019


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    Apollo FAQs

    1. Deduction on premium paid for parents under Apollo Munich Health plans?

    Medical insurance premium paid for parents is eligible for deduction up to Rs. 25000 every fiscal year and if either of the parents are senior citizens then the limit can go up to Rs. 30000.

    2. Which are the crops covered under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna by Apollo Munich Health?

    ● Food & oilseeds crops

    ● Annual commercial crops

    ● Horticulture crops

    ● Perennial horticulture crops for which standard methodology for yield estimation is available

    3. Which are the types of plans offered under Car Insurance cover?

    ● Single year comprehensive plan

    ● Third party – prevention from liabilities arising from damage/loss/injury to third party person or property

    ● Stand alone own Damage cover – Accident, Natural Calamities, Fire, Theft to own car

    ● Cover for Brand New Cars – 1 year for damage to own car and 3 years cover against damages to third party

    4. What is the Health Insurance Renewal process?

    The below are the steps for renewal:

    ● Visit the official website of Apollo Munich Health

    ● Click on the “Renew” section and go to “Health Insurance”

    ● Enter basic details like Policy number, Mobile Number, Address & Email ID

    ● Click on “Renew Now” option

    ● Review policy details & premium amount of renewal

    ● Pay the amount as per your suitable payment mode

    5. What are the general documents required for claim settlement for Apollo Munich Health plans?

    One needs to keep the below documents handy when seeking to process a claim settlement application.

    ● Claim application – duly filled by policyholder

    ● Policy documents

    ● Discharge summary along with final report issued by doctor

    ● Fitness certificate & KYC documents

    ● All bills – consultation, original hospital, and pharmacy bills