Tata AIG Insurance Reviews, Ratings, Best Plans and USPs

TATA AIG General Insurance

TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited was established on 22 January 2001 as a joint venture. This joint venture exists between the American International Insurance company, which is an international insurance company that is present in over 100 countries in the world, and the TATA Group, which is one of the largest organizations in India.

The main goal of TATA AIG has been to provide insurance policies to meet all the major requirements of their customers. Because of this, TATA AIG has also received the ‘General Insurer Claims Team of the Year’ award by the Claims Awards Asia in 2013.

IBoth individual customers and professional organizations can purchase insurance plans from TATA AIG. It is currently on its way to becoming the most preferred insurance company in India. TATA AIG continues to deliver unmatched value to its customers and employees. The organization is further consistent, fair, and transparent when it comes to insurance services.

TATA AIG also recently celebrated 21 years of services in the finance products sector. Over the years, it has continued to provide high-quality and valuable products and services to all its customers. As of now, there are 2833 team members of the organization who handle any query that a customer might have. These customer service team members are located all across India.

The TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited also has an Asset under Management (AUM) value of roughly 0.6 billion USD. This value is also bound to increase further. They have over 250 branch offices in India. And the claim ratio for the financial year of 2018 – 2019 has been 70% for motor insurance and 78% for health insurance.

    About Tata AIG General Insurance

    There are several benefits that customers can experience by purchasing a TATA AIG insurance policy. Do you know what those benefits are? If not, then we have prepared a list of those advantages just for you. This list is mentioned below.

    • More than 4,300 Cashless Hospitals
      TATA AIG is connected with over 4,300 hospitals in India where its policyholders can quickly get cashless treatments done. The claims are settled quickly and with ease within these hospitals
    • Presence of over 2 Decades
      TATA AIG General Insurance is an organization that has maintained its presence and reputation in the market for the last two decades. And we can easily say that this organization is also here to stay
    • Good Claim Settlement Ratio
      In the financial year of 2019 - 2020, the claim settlement ratio of this organization has been calculated to be 76.04%. This is a very good overall claim settlement ratio when compared with other insurers
    • Lack of Co-Payment
      All policyholders are relieved from the liability of paying the co-payment amount when it comes to the insurance policies provided by TATA AIG
    • Sum Insured Restoration Benefits
      If there are any medical emergencies, then the sum insured of insurance plans can also be restored once it gets exhausted
    • Lifelong Renewal
      All TATA AIG health insurance policies come with no maximum age limit for the renewal of the policy. Hence, one can enjoy lifelong renewability benefits with these policies

    TATA AIG is widely claimed as being one of the top insurers working in the private sector of India. This organization is known for providing quicker claim settlements in a quick and smooth fashion to all its customers. TATA AIG also provides health insurance with maternity benefits, good claim support, and lifelong renewability.

    Beyond this, what makes TATA AIG Health insurance policies an excellent choice is that these policies come with excellent coverage at affordable premium rates. The company also has a network of over 6000 hospitals. There are also several customers who have rated TATA AIG highly. You can browse through some of those reviews below.

    Great Services 5/5 Madhubhai Parwari

    I have purchased both my car and health insurance through TATA AIG. My experience with the company till now has been great. They provide great support and are very efficient. It is good to see that they are serving so many customers in India with ease.

    An Excellent Organization and Initiative 5/5 Iman Babu

    I have bought my health insurance through TATA AIG. They are also going paperless and processing a lot of things online. I’m very happy to see those changes and I’m a big environmental supporter myself. The documents were exchanged easily online and the renewal process has also been made easier.

    TATA AIG Insurance Company offers several insurance policies to its customers. In this section, we will look at what those policies are.

    TATA AIG Health Insurance

    TATA AIG provides a wide variety of health insurance plans to all its customers. These plans are:

    Wellsurance Executive Policy

    As the title indicates, this policy is ideally suited for all executives. The policy comes with a lump-sum benefit that is provided in case of surgeries, hospitalization, nine critical illnesses, post-hospitalization, ICU admission, outpatient expenses, and convalescence benefits. A daily cash benefit is also paid to the policyholder if he or she is diagnosed with any illness.

    The total coverage under this policy is INR 7.5 lakh. Other benefits provided with this plan are a free health helpline, health portal, queries related to health, wellness services, e-newsletters, and discounted health services.

    Wellsurance Family Policy

    The Wellsurance Family Policy covers the entire family as a family floater plan. A lump-sum benefit is provided by ICU admissions, hospitalization, surgeries, outpatient expenses, convalescence benefits, and post-hospitalization. There are eleven critical illnesses covered under this plan.

    The daily cash benefit is also provided to the policyholder if any member of the family is diagnosed with an illness or gets accidental hospitalization. The plan also provides children’s education benefits. Under this benefit, a lump sum is paid in case of accidental death or total disability of the policyholder.

    Wellsurance Woman Policy

    The Wellsurance Woman Policy is specifically designed to meet the health requirements of a woman. This plan covers 11 critical illnesses and provides hospital cash allowance, cosmetic reconstruction surgeries in case of an accident, and convalescence benefits.

    In this policy, a daily cash benefit or lump-sum amount is paid to the policyholder. The maximum coverage of this plan is INR 7.5 lakh. Other benefits provided in this policy are a free health helpline, newsletter, discounted health and wellness services, and getting any health-related queries answered.

    TATA AIG Travel Insurance

    TATA AIG Travel Insurance plans are designed to provide extra protection to its customers whenever they are traveling abroad or within the country. In this section, we will look at some of those travel insurance policies.

    Travel Insurance Policies



    Travel Guard

    • An international travel policy that covers international travel
    • Available as a single trip plan or an annual multiple trip plan
    • Emergency assistance provided in times of crisis
    • Repatriation of remains from anywhere in the world
    • Available in several variants that have different values of sum assured and coverage benefits
    • $0.5 million medical cover
    • Accidental coverages, baggage loss, baggage delay, loss of passport, hijacking, personal liability, flight delay, and other issues

    Student Guard

    • International travel insurance plan for students who are going abroad to pursue their higher education
    • Five variants available in this policy
    • Maternity benefits
    • The coverage sum insured can also be increased at the time of renewal
    • Maximum coverage of $500,000
    • Coverage includes study interruptions, reimbursement of unused tuition fees
    • Accidental coverage, cover for nervous or mental disorders, child care, cancer screening, physiotherapy, mammography, coverage for any pre-existing illnesses in case of life-threatening conditions, sponsor protection, fraudulent charges in case of payment card security

    Asia Travel Guard Policy

    • This policy is a great option when anybody is traveling to any foreign country within Asia
    • Korea and Japan are excluded from the list in which this policy is valid
    • Beyond regular travel insurance, different types of assistance services are also provided
    • The maximum age for purchasing this policy is 70 years
    • Coverage includes referral for a medical service provider, assistance for loss of luggage, arrangement of admission to the hospital in case of an emergency, Embassy referral, information services for claim procedure, and services for emergency travel

    TATA AIG Car Insurance

    If an individual wish to protect his or her car, then getting car insurance is the best way to go about this situation. TATA AIG also provides two types of car insurance policies to its customers. A brief discussion about these policies is mentioned below.

    Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

    According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Third-Party Car Insurance Policy is mandatory for all vehicle owners to purchase. This policy provides cover for any financial liability which can arise in case the vehicle in question causes any harm or bodily injury to a third party or damages caused to the surrounding property owned by a third party.

    Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy

    The Auto Secure Private Car Package policy is a comprehensive insurance plan that provides not just the mandatory third-party financial liability cover but it also covers any damages that are faced by the car. There are 12 types of add-on covers that policyholders can opt for as an enhanced scope of protection in this plan.

    If the car requires any repairs, then the organization also arranges for free pick-ups. All the repairs that are done on the car also come with a 6-month warranty. This warranty is valid for any faulty repair. This plan also guaranteed the use of genuine spare parts and materials used during the repairs.

    TATA AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance

    It’s not just important for an individual to protect his or her car. Instead, one should also provide complete safety to two-wheelers too, including bikes and scooters. TATA AIG aims to fulfill this requirement by providing two major types of two-wheeler insurance plans to all its customers. These insurance plans are discussed below.

    Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

    In this policy, the policyholder gets the compulsory third-party liability cover. This cover is mandatory for all vehicle owners to purchase according to the regulations imposed by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This cover provides complete financial assistance in a situation where a two-wheeler causes bodily damage to a third party. The cover is also valid when damage is caused to the property of a third party.

    Auto Secure - Two-Wheeler Package Policy

    The Auto Secure Two-Wheeler Package policy is a comprehensive package mainly designed for two-wheelers. This policy covers any damage experienced by the vehicle and any harm caused to a third party.

    There are also seven add-on cover options that are available under this policy. The policyholder can choose the add-on features by paying an additional premium. This would provide added coverage to the vehicle and the policyholder.

    Policyholders can also earn a no claim bonus if no claims are made during the year. Discounts of renewal premiums are also provided in that case. Further, to ensure maximum claim settlement, the repaired parts also have a predefined rate of depreciation.

    TATA AIG Personal Accident Insurance

    Tragedy can strike at any moment and from any moment. This is why to provide financial security to its customers in their time of need, TATA AIG provides a range of personal accident insurance policies. These policies are discussed below.




    Accident Guard Policy

    • Personal accident policy
    • A total of five optional benefits are also provided in this policy, including tuition benefit, home alteration, repatriation of mortal remains, double dismemberment benefit, and vehicle modification benefit for eligible children and family members
    • Total coverage provided is up to INR 30 lakh
    • The policy provides coverage for accidental death, permanent loss of use, or dismemberment

    Accident Shield Policy

    • This policy helps in the reduction of any issues or financial constraints that can occur during an accident
    • Lifelong renewal options are provided if the policyholder pays the total premium on time
    • Compensation is provided in case of an injury that leads to permanent disability
    • In case of total disability, the plan covers the child’s education

    TATA AIG Home Insurance

    We all love our homes. And this is why TATA AIG provides its customers with several policies that protect those homes at affordable premium rates. Let’s look at those policies in the section below.

    Insurance Policy



    Instachoice Home Insurance Plan

    • This insurance policy provides the policyholder with the freedom to select and design a home insurance coverage that suits his or her needs
    • This insurance plan is ideal for people who own a home or are going to purchase one soon
    • Coverage can include baggage loss, theft, burglary, fire, personal accident, special perils, and rent for alternative accommodation

    Home Coupon Plan

    • This insurance policy is a great option for homeowners
    • It has an easy documentation process and offers on-the-spot coverage
    • The plan covers fires, burglary, and any special perils like terrorism and earthquakes

    TATA AIG Lifestyle Insurance

    There are two best-selling lifestyle insurance plans provided by TATA AIG General Insurance company. We will look at these plans in the table that is mentioned below.

    Insurance Policy



    Personal Identity Protection Plan

    • This plan provides protection to an individual in case of misuse done against his or her personal payment cards or identity cards
    • The plan covers any expenses incurred to resolve the identity threat
    • It further covers several instances like the cost of notarizing the required documents, lost wages, ATM assault, robbery cover, fraudulent charges, stolen wallet cover, and expenses related to loss of documents

    Personal Travelling Protection Plan

    • This insurance plan protects an individual from any negative scenario that can occur due to one’s personal travel
    • The policy covers home protection when the policyholder is away from his or her home. It also includes loss of household goods
    • Personal trip effects cover is also offered in case of theft, loss, or accidental damage caused to personal belongings, documents, or money
    • It also provides personal trip legal liability for third-party property damage or accidental bodily injury

    TATA AIG Private Client Insurance

    Insurance Policy



    Motor Insurance

    • This policy offers insurance cover for damage or loss to the personal assets of the policyholder
    • There are eight add-on benefits provided with this insurance policy
    • Coverage is provided high-value vehicles in India, concierge-level claims, and third-party liability cover

    Home and Contents Insurance

    • This home and content insurance plan provides protection for any damage or loss caused to the building of the home and the household content
    • There are several add-on benefits provided with this policy that one can opt for at a higher premium
    • The coverage exceeds that of a concierge level of claims services and risk management services

    TATA AIG Rural Insurance

    Insurance Policy



    Motor Insurance

    • This policy provides safety against several automobiles that are often used in rural India like tractors, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and private vehicles for captive use
    • Vehicles carrying passengers and goods are also covered under this policy

    Property Insurance

    • This policy provides protection for machineries like pump sets, homes, outlets, shops, and schools
    • Coverage is provided against any damage caused due to fire, aircraft damage, bush fire, lightning, and natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm, and inundation
    • The coverage also extends to landslides, riots, rockslides, and strikes

    Best Policies of Brand

    Till now, we have looked at several insurance policies offered by TATA AIG. In this section, we will look at the best policies that are sold by TATA AIG. A list of those policies is mentioned below.

    TATA AIG MediCare Health Insurance Plan:

    This plan is a comprehensive and simplified health insurance plan. Under this plan, the policyholder can receive in-patient, pre and post-hospitalization charges incurred in India, and medical charges caused due to daycare hospitalization outside of India. However, in those cases, the diagnosis should have been made in India.

    This plan also covers Bariatric surgery for the treatment of weight control problems and obesity. There is a vaccination and compassionate travel cover provided for expenses up to INR 20,000. This is included in a round trip economy class air ticket or first-class railway ticket to allow family members of the policyholder to be at the hospital beside the patient

    TATA AIG MediSenior Health Insurance Plan

    The TATA AIG MediSenior Health Insurance Plan is specifically designed for senior citizens. This insurance plan provides the policyholder and his or her spouse with the right medical treatment and financial backup in case of emergency.

    This insurance plan also provides coverage in case of organ donation expenses, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, in-patient hospitalization, day care procedures, and medical treatments that are provided at home. This policy also provides coverage for ambulance charges up to INR 2,000 per hospitalization. This policy can be renewed for lifelong. The sum assured can also be increased with hassle-free claim settlement.

    Other Insurance Companies

    TATA AIG General Insurance FAQs

    1. What are the different types of insurance policies can I choose from with TATA AIG Insurance Company Limited?

    TATA AIG Insurance Company Limited provides a wide range of policies to its customers. Most of these policies can be divided into the following sections.
    TATA AIG Travel Insurance
    TATA AIG Health Insurance
    TATA AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance
    TATA AIG Car Insurance
    TATA AIG Personal Accident Insurance

    2. How can I renew my TATA AIG insurance policy online?

    The TATA AIG Insurance Company recommends their policyholder renew their insurance before the expiry date. This entire process can be performed online without any hassle. All one has to do is simply log in to the organization’s website, which is www.tataaiginsurance.in.
    After that, select the renew now option. A link will appear. You need to follow the link to a secure payment gateway. The policyholder can use his or her credit cards, debit cards, or net banking option to process the payment.

    3. How can I download my TATA AIG insurance policy online?

    After purchasing the insurance policy from TATA AIG, the company will send the policy document to the policyholder on his or her registered email id. To download this policy, all you have to do is check your email and download the document as an attachment. You can also save the document on the cloud or your device to keep it handy.