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When your health insurance policy can’t support the rising healthcare expenses, then you should consider a super top-up health insurance policy to meet all your medical expenses. A super top-up health insurance plan is basically an extension of your basic health policy. A super top-up policy has many resemblances with a top-up plan, but it offers multifarious claims for cumulative medical expenses within a policy year. The best super top-up health insurance ensures that policyholders get quality treatment without any limitations or restrictions.

Example of a Super Top-Up Plan with an Explanation

Mr. Kamal has a health insurance policy of Rs. 5 lakh and he decided to buy a super top-up health insurance plan of Rs. 10 lakh, of which the deductible amount is Rs. 5 lakh. He was hospitalized three times a year and the hospital bills are Rs. 3 lakh (first time), Rs. 4 lakh (second time), and Rs. 5 lakh (third time) respectively. His basic health insurance policy reimbursed the first claim fully; it didn’t reimburse the entire bill of hospitalization for the second claim (he already claimed Rs. 3 lakh the first time). So, the remaining Rs. 2 lakh has been settled by the super-top-up mediclaim policy. The third hospitalization claim amount will be entirely settled by the super top-up plan.

Benefits of Purchasing Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plans in India

Let’s take a look at some of the features of a super top-up health insurance plan

  • No restriction on having regular health insurance: You can purchase a regular health insurance policy if you are planning to purchase a super top-up plan. If you have regular health insurance, then below the threshold amount will be reimbursed by the regular plans and above threshold claims will be settled by super top-up plans.
  • Can purchase from different insurers: You can purchase regular health insurance from one insurance company and super top-up plans from another insurance company.
  • Cheaper than Regular Health Insurance Plans: Super top-up plans are affordable due to threshold limit or deductible clause. These plans are cheaper as compared to normal health insurance plans.
  • Both Individual and Family Floater Plans Available: As a regular health insurance plan, these super top-up plans will offer you both an individual or to a whole family.
  • Come with regular exclusions: Regular exclusions like existing diseases or dental care will be applicable for super top-up plans. So, check the policy details regarding exclusions before plunging into a plan.
  • Tax Benefit: Like normal health insurance plans, you can claim the tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • Works on reimbursement base: Before considering your super top-up plans for claim settlements, insurance companies first check whether the below threshold limit amount was paid off or not. They hardly care whether the claim amount was settled by you or from your regular health insurance. Then only they consider the dues above the threshold limit for super top-up plans.


List of 4 Best Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plans in India

Let’s take a look at various super top-up health insurance plans in India as mentioned below:-

1. HDFC ERGO Optima Family Floater

  • The sum assured options are Rs. 5 lakh/Rs. 7 lakh/ Rs. 10 lakh.
  • Aggregate deductible options include 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/10 lakhs
  • Under a family floater policy, you can add a maximum of 2 adults and a maximum of 2 children.
  • The premium for a family (2 Adults (45 Yrs and 35 Yrs to 44 Yrs) +1 Child (below 16 Yrs) for sum insured of Rs.10,00,000 and deductible is Rs.7,912 (Including tax)


2. HDFC Ergo Super Top-up Plan

This super top-up plan can also be called “my: health Medisure Super Top-up”.

  • Sum insured options for an aggregate deductible of 4 lakhs is 6/11/16 lakhs.
  • Sum insured options that are available for an aggregate deductible of 5 lakhs is 5/10/15/20 lakhs
  • By paying a premium amount of Rs. 5200, you can choose a sum assured of Rs. 20 lakh with a 5 lakh deductible (for a family of 3)
  • The premium for a family (2 Adults (45 Yrs and 38 Yrs) +1 Child (below 16 Yrs) for sum insured of Rs.20,00,000 and deductible Rs.5,00,000 is Rs.4,400 (excluding tax)


3. ICICI Lombard Super Top-up Plan

This super top-up plan can also be called “Health Booster”.

  • Sum insured options available include 5/6/7/10/15/20/25/50 lakhs.
  • Aggregate deductible options available include 3/4/5 lakhs
  • The plan has three options (A, B, and C)
  • The premium for a family (2 Adults (45 Yrs and 38 Yrs) +1 Child (below 16 Yrs) for a sum insured of Rs.20,00,000 and deductible Rs.5,00,000 is Rs.4,587.


4. Max Bupa Super Top-up Plan – Health Booster

This plan is also calledMax Bupa Health Recharge.

  • Sum assured options that are available include 5/7.5/10/15/25 Lakhs.
  • The aggregate deductible available is 1-10 lakhs in multiples of 1 lakh
  • The premium for a family (2 Adults (45 Yrs and 38 Yrs) +1 Child (below 16 Yrs) for a sum insured of Rs.25,00,000 and deductible of Rs.5,00,000 is Rs.3,292 yearly.


FAQs related to Super Top-Up Health Insurance

Is AYUSH treatment covered under super top-up plans?

Most super top-up plans offer coverage for AYUSH treatment.

What do you mean by deductible in super top-up plans?

A deductible is an amount that a policyholder needs to pay before enjoying the benefits of a super top-up plan.

What things are not covered under a health insurance policy?

· You can’t initiate a claim until your deductible is exhausted
· Self-harmed injuries
· Cosmetic, plastic, and hormone surgery
· Dental or eye surgery expenses
· Treatment for HIV/AIDs or other sexually transmitted diseases
· Injuries due to adventurous sports activities
· Organ donor expenses and pre-and post-hospitalization expenses are not covered
· The plan won’t offer coverage for newborn babies
· Supplements and vitamins are not be covered

Can I go for a higher deductible amount for super top-up plans?

Based on your policy, you can purchase a higher deductible of up to Rs. 20 lakh

What are the documents you require to purchase a super top-up plan?

You need the below-mentioned documents.
· Age proof (birth certificate, passport, voter ID, and 10/12th mark sheet)
· Identity proof (passport, Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID, etc.)
· Address proof (Electric bill, telephone bill, ration card, passport, driving license, etc.)
· Passport size photographs
· Other documents mentioned by the insurance company

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