Care (Religare) Health Insurance vs HDFC ERGO Health Insurance

Looking for a secure health insurance cover but confused about which one to opt for? Well, given the increasing number of insurers, finding the right health cover can be difficult. But if you understand your healthcare needs well, a detailed comparison can help you find precisely the cover that you want. 

Check the comprehensive HDFC ERGO and Care Health Insurance comparison and pick a policy that best meets your expectations.

Care vs HDFC Ergo Health Insurance – Overview

Parameter HDFC ERGO Care (Religare) Insurance
Number of health insurance plans 6 6
E-services Policy purchase, renewal, claim settlement and live chat Insurance purchase, renewal, claim settlement and live chat 
Branches 120+ 59+
Incurred claims ratio 62% 55%
Claim settlement ratio (FY19) 89% 93%
Claim settlement time 20 mins for cashless claim settlement 2 hours for cashless claims approval
Hospital network More than 10,000 More than 7,800


HDFC ERGO Vs Care (Religare) Health Insurance

HDFC ERGO aims to be responsive to the needs of customers and offers different insurance plans. Some of these plans include individual, family, senior citizens, critical illness, COVID-19, etc. 

Religare Health Insurance is now known as Care Health Insurance. The company provides affordable health plans like individual, family, AYUSH cover, senior citizens, personal accident, COVID-19, etc.

Below is a comprehensive comparison of HDFC ERGO and Religare health insurance: 

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

HDFC ERGO provides an affordable insurance plan that takes care of you and your family’s healthcare needs. Some features include:

  • Offers plans for people above 18 years of age with no maximum age limits
  • Includes expenses like pre-and post-hospitalisation, in-hospital, day-care procedures, AYUSH treatment, cashless home healthcare, organ donor etc. 
  • Covers additional costs like mental well-being and health check-ups
  • Permits healthy people up to 45 years of age to enrol in a policy without a medical test
  • Provides monetary assistance in the event of continuous hospitalisation for ten or more days 
  • Offers lifetime renewability


Religare (Care) offers a complete health insurance plan to financially shield you and your family, in case of medical emergencies. Some important features include:

  • Offers policies for anyone above the age of 91 days. No maximum age limits
  • Includes, expenses like annual health check-ups, emergency ambulance, in-patient hospitalisation, pre-and post-hospitalisation, day-care procedures, ICU charges, domiciliary hospitalisation etc.
  • Covers modern treatments like robotic surgery, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Offers up to 150% No Claim Bonus or NCB
  • Provides lifelong renewability
  • Offers 24*7 claim support


Critical Illness Insurance Plans

HDFC ERGO has an affordable critical illness cover. Important features are:

  • Offers two plans, Silver and Platinum; each with different benefits
  • Includes, 15 Critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, heart valve replacement, kidney failure, etc. in the platinum plan
  • Provides lump sum benefit
  • Covers regular hospital fees
  • Allows lifetime renewability of plan


Religare offers a low premium and high coverage critical illness cover with the following features: 

  • Covers 32 specified Critical ailments, like cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumour, multiple sclerosis, aplastic anaemia, major organ transplant, paralysis, blindness, etc.
  • Allows payment of premiums via easy instalments
  • Includes, in-patient hospitalisation, ICU charges, alternative treatment, ambulance, OPD cover, pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, etc.
  • Offers quick recovery counselling, international second opinion, doctor on call, air ambulance, etc.


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Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

HDFC ERGO provides a class of affordable healthcare plans for senior citizens. Main features are:

  • Provides different plans, silver and gold, with diverse benefits
  • Includes, benefits like cashless home treatment, healthcare check-ups, pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses, day-care procedures, in-patient hospitalisation, organ donor expenses, AYUSH benefits, mental healthcare, etc.
  • Offers road and air ambulance, alternative treatment, etc. in the gold policy
  • Has no upper limit on the hospital room rent in both plans
  • Allows a sum insured rebound option
  • Pays Rs.15,000 as a lump sum for a Gold Plan, in the case of continuous hospitalisation for 10 days or more


Religare offers specialised health insurance for senior citizens. Highlights include:

  • Available for people aged 61 years and above. No maximum age limits
  • Includes, day-care procedures, pre-and post-hospitalisation, in-hospital expenses, ambulance cover, health check-ups, organ donor, second opinion, alternate treatment, etc.
  • Does not require a pre-policy medical check-up
  • Allows co-payment up to 20% per claim for insurers above 61 years of age
  • Offers life-long renewability



This information will help you identify the insurance plan you want to buy. Assess your healthcare needs and cautiously choose a policy after reading all the terms and conditions. You can get expert advice to buy insurance online.








FAQs: Health Insurance Comparison: Religare (Care) Vs HDFC Ergo

What is better, a critical illness policy or health insurance?

A regular health insurance plan covers your medical bills and general hospital expenses. However, it does not cover you against critical illnesses, where treatment can be steep and therefore financially demanding on your resources. With a specific critical illness policy, you can be financially secure and get the best available treatment, without being monetarily stressed.

What is the maximum age for senior citizen insurance?

Each insurer has different terms. However, generally, anyone above 60-61 years of age can apply for a senior citizen plan. There is normally no upper age limit.

Can I buy more than one health insurance?

Yes, you can buy more than one health insurance policy. If you think your current sum assured is not adequate for your healthcare needs, you can make up for the gap with an additional policy.