Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) Health Recharge Insurance

About the Niva Bupa (Max Bupa) Health Recharge Insurance

Health Recharge Max Bupa is the top choice of health insurance among individuals looking for a pocket-friendly plan during medical emergencies. Under this policy, an individual can get himself, his spouse, and up to four dependent children. The plan covered medical expenses, pre and post hospitalisation costs, critical illnesses, organ transplant, and a range of other features. 

The Max Bupa Health Recharge is designed with the well-being of their customers and their beloved families as their top priority. In addition to its basic plan, policyholders have the option of choosing personal accident health cover as well as critical illness cover. 

Customers can purchase both individual as well as family floater plans depending on their needs. In case of adults, Health Recharge Max Bupa requires the minimum entry age to be 18 years; 65 is the maximum. In the case of  children, on the other hand, the minimum age begins from 91 days old to 25 years. They can also opt for it’s two variants: e-Saver or Super Top-Up plans after reviewing policy benefits, eligibility criteria, and key inclusions.

    Here's discussing the key benefits of the Max Bupa Health Recharge Policy:

    1. In-patient hospitalization if the policyholder or a member of their family is hospitalized.
    2. Room rent charges have no limits imposed.
    3. Alternative treatment coverage depending on the sim insured. 
    4. Ambulance charges up to Rs 1500 for every hospitalization.
    5. Availability of unlimited e-consultations.
    6. Inclusion of pharmacy and diagnostic services.
    7. Lucrative loyalty additions (5% to 50% max).
    8. Personal accident cover (5 times the sum insured).
    9. Option of critical illnesses cover.
    10. Coverage for pre and post hospitalization expenses.
    11. Coverage for Day care and domiciliary treatments.
    12. Tax benefits under Section 80D of IT Act 1961.
    13. Cashless facility at over 4600 network providers or service providers. Please contact us for more details.
    14. Reimbursement of pre & post hospitalization expenses for 60 to 90 days.

    There are two variants of the Max Bupa Health Recharge — e-Saver and Super Top-Up with distinct differences in the benefits offered. Both policies offer lifetime renewal guarantee and varying ranges of Sum Insured. It starts from Rs 2 lacs and goes up into Rs 25 lacs. Interested customers can also opt for the Max Life Super Term Plan for comprehensive coverage, better future planning, and financial stability.

    Customers also have the option to choose Max Bupa's individual or family floater plan depending on their needs.

    Here's a table highlighting the eligibility criteria for the Max Bupa Health Recharge plans:

    Policy Term 

    Default term: 1 year

    If 2 years, discount of 7.5% on the premium applicable for the second year.

    If 3 years, 15% discount applicable on the third year + 7.5% on the second year.

    Waiting period

    36 months for pre-existing diseases.

    Entry Age

    Minimum: Children of 91 days to 25 years and adults aged 18 and above

    Maximum: 65 years

    Policy type

    Individual and Family Floater

    Individual Plan

    This plan is designed for individuals, and can be extended to spouses and four dependent children. The maximum cover provided goes up to Rs 95 lacs starting from 2 lacs. 

    Family Floater Plan

    This is a family plan where an entire family is covered under one plan and sum insured. The maximum allowable limit of family members is six. The family floater permits any of the following combinations:

    • 1 adult and 1 child
    • 1 adult and 2 children
    • 1 adult and 3 children
    • 1 adult and 4 children
    • 2 adults
    • 2 adults and 1 child
    • 2 adults and 2 children
    • 2 adults and 3 children
    • 2 adults and 4 children

    The maximum cover provided goes up to Rs 95 lacs starting from 2 lacs. 

    • Cashless approvals in the hospital within 30 minutes with no third party (TPA) involvement.
    • Personal accident coverage in case of accidental death, or accidents that result in total or partial disability.
    • Coverage for critical illnesses such as cancer, kidney diseases, organ transplants, heart failure, CAGB, stroke, and more 
    • Road ambulance charges up to Rs 1500 are covered in the plan.
    • Pre hospitalization charges will be covered for 60 days.
    • Post-hospitalisation charges will be covered for 90 days 
    • Loyalty benefits include an added bonus of 5% on sum insured every year (50% is maximum). 
    • Pharmacy and diagnostic services are covered in the plan. 
    • Artificial life support is included. 


    Here is a table to better understand the inclusions: 




    Domiciliary Treatment 

    Yes. Treatment should span a minimum of 3 days.

    Pre & post hospitalization expenses

    Applicable if 60 days before getting admitted and 90 days after discharge. 

    Organ transplant

    Yes, if organ donated is used by the insured 

    Alternative treatments

    Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy 

    Ambulance charges

    Yes. Up to Rs 1500 per hospitalization

    Loyalty additions

    Capped at Sum Insured of Rs 25 lacs

    Artificial life maintenance

    Yes, depending on terms and conditions of the contract

    Tax benefits 


    Direct claim settlement


    Cashless facility 


    Free look-up

    Yes, 15 days for offline buyers and 30 days for online buyers.

    Annual Aggregate Deductible

    Ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lacs.

    Pharmacy and diagnostic coverage

    Taken care of by empaneled service providers

    • Optical treatment or age-related expenses are excluded.
    • The policy does not cover dental treatment.
    • Psychiatric evaluation or mental illnesses are excluded.
    • Expenses incurred on sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and HIV are excluded. 
    • The policy also excludes any kind of behavioral, treatment, or neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative conditions. 
    • Cosmetic or plastic surgery expenses, reconstructive surgery are not included in the Health Recharge Max Bupa. 
    • Gender change treatments are excluded.
    • Injuries resulting from hazardous adventure sports or due breach of law are excluded. 
    • Maternity and pregnancy-related treatment is excluded.
    • The policy also excludes external congenital anomalies or birth defects. 
    • Suicidal attempts, self-inflicted injury, or those resulting from war, nuclear or chemical or biological activities are excluded.

    With an impressive claim settlement ratio 89.46% and over 6,96,107 policies sold till date, Max Bupa Health Recharge enjoys a massive customer base that swears by its excellent customer service and pocket-friendly plans. Max Bupa Health Recharge is rated 4.1/5 on Insurance Dekho. It enjoys a rating of 4.3/5 on PolicyX. 

    Let's look at some reviews by people who bought the policy: 


    Narendra Kulkarni — The Health Recharge ensures the well-being of you and your family even at a time of medical emergency. Thus, it is highly recommended to invest money in Health Recharge plan. It is a pocket-friendly policy, which will support you and your family members without letting them face any financial and mental instability for even a minute.


    Yeddla Gangadhar Reddy — If you want to make the most of your hard-earned money by investing in health insurance, choose Health Recharge Plan without any delay. Rest assured, it will be worthwhile.  This policy helped me go an extra mile to get my loved ones covered for superior financial support at the time of a medical emergency.


    Rutvik Kapoor — After using this plan I can say that it is designed keeping various insurance needs of an individual and their family in mind. The policyholders under this plan are also allowed to choose Personal Accident policy- AccidentCare and Critical Illness plan - CritiCare along with Health Recharge. It comes with the mandatory condition of choosing an annual aggregate claim deductible amount.

    Max Bupa Health Recharge Insurance FAQs

    Does Max Bupa Health Recharge include Homeopathic treatment?

    Yes, homeopathic treatment is covered under the policy. However, there is a condition — in-patient hospitalization of at least 24 hours is mandatory.

    What is the procedure to purchase a Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan?

    Here are the steps to follow to buy Health Recharge Max Bupa:

    Visit the official Max Bupa website:
    Click on the 'Buy' button on the top.
    Fill in the necessary details and hit 'Find My Plan'.
    Select your preferred plan (in this case, Max Bupa Heath Recharge).
    Make the premium payment.

    You'll receive a soft copy containing Max policy details on your registered email address.

    What are the modern treatments covered under the Max Bupa policy?

    Here are the modern treatments in included:
    Oral chemotherapy
    Robotic surgeries
    Intra vitreal injections
    Deep brain stimulation

    These treatments are subject to sub-limits depending on the terms and conditions included in the contract.

    How does the Annual Aggregate Deductible work?

    It is necessary for policyholders to choose an Annual Aggregate Deductible once 5 years are completed and the eldest family member touches 50. You can make changes to the deductible or replace your policy with an indemnity plan. This wouldn't require to undergo a medical check-up or obtain a medical underwriting. The Max Bupa Health Recharge will provide coverage of expenses only when the insurer clears the deductible amount.

    How does the free look-up cancellation work in Max Bupa Health Recharge?

    To ensure absolute transparency and overall satisfaction, Max Bupa allows customers to opt for a free look period of 14 days. During this period? They can review the policy. If found unsatisfactory, they are free to cancel the plan.