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About the ManipalCigna Pro Health Health Insurance

We all have seen the damage and havoc caused by the spread of Covid-19 and how the full impact of the pandemic hit the entire world. It helped us realize the importance of our health as well as that of our loved ones. Losing your close ones cause a deep impact on you emotionally too. Many wealthy people have died. It is therefore proven that health is wealth but what to do with your wealth if you have not safeguarded your health? The youth may have seen the world suffering from a pandemic for the first time, so let us imagine the future. The world may face a similar or maybe worse situation in the future. It is your job to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Today, when the whole world is fighting the pandemic, it has helped us realize that treatment costs may rise shortly. One cannot adopt a laid-back attitude of seeing what will happen in the future. The medical inflation overall across the globe has been rising, affordability of quality treatment may not be possible with increasing costs. Insurance as a concept was introduced back in the early ages with the motive of protecting yourself from the financial expenses one may face later.

The insurance or health insurance market has been growing quickly thereby, leading to huge competition among companies. One of the most trusted companies providing quality service for quite a long is Manipal Cigna Health Insurance.

    The Manipal Cigna Health Insurance company began as a joint venture. The 2 ventures include the Manipal group as well as Cigna Corporation of the US. The Manipal group was originally a leader in delivering healthcare and higher education services in India. Whereas on the other hand, the Cigna Corporation has been insuring lives for more than 200 years. The joint venture was formed as the Manipal group had built a name in ethical practices and thereby built a network of hospitals. There were other perks to the joint venture too.

     The joint venture began in 2011 but an official approval from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) was received in November 2013 thereby giving a go-ahead to Manipal Cigna as an organization. The company began its operation as a joint venture in the year 2014. The venture has a motive of improving the health, well-being along with the peace of mind of the customers the insurance providers are serving. Manipal Cigna Health Insurance company firmly believes in the thought of “Health Hai Toh Life Hai.”

     Keeping this motive in mind, a new policy was launched with the name – Manipal CIGNA Pro Health Insurance. Let us understand the policy and its details.

    The Manipal Cigna Pro-Health insurance is an individual as well as a family comprehensive insurance plan that provides vast coverage. The policy period lasts for 1, 2, or 3 years. One can choose as per their requirement. On payment of a single premium, if the term chosen is 2 years, then a discount of 7.5% can be availed. And if the term of 3 years is chosen then a discount of 10% is offered.

    The policy can be used for covering the various costs that include medical as well as surgical expenses. The treatment for various diseases and injuries is covered under the policy. The policy offers coverage that begins with Rs.2.5 lakhs that is extended up to Rs.1 crore. The policy consists of flexible terms and conditions, unique features, and affordable premiums. The insurance company also allows the customer flexible payment options that build a good public image.

    An insurance policy is not only a method of safeguarding yourself but is also an investment avenue. If your objective is not fulfilled then the point of purchasing an insurance plan is not fulfilled. The inclusions of a policy help one make a well-informed choice. Let us understand this in detail now.


      1. Hospitalization expenses: If you have been admitted to a hospital due to facing some injury or ailment and the hospitalization duration extends 24 hours then the expenses incurred are covered under hospitalization expenses by the insurance company. Room rent, doctor’s fees, electricity charges are covered.
      2. Pre- and post-hospitalizations: The various tests carried out on the patient before actually beginning the treatment help the doctors understand the health condition of the person. This policy allows costs of pre-hospitalization to be claimed for up to 60 days. Taking care or follow-up of the patient who has taken the treatment is covered under post-hospitalization expenses. The duration for post-hospitalization is 90 days.
      3. Day-care treatment: Manipal Cigna Pro-Health insurance plan allows the policyholder to make use of 546 days of care treatment. The expenses are covered up to the limit of the sum insured. Daycare treatments are availed when an individual seeks treatment but is not admitted to a hospital for a minimum of 24 hours.
      4. Ambulance charges: In emergencies, one can avail of the services of an ambulance. The costs incurred for the same will be covered under ambulance expenses. These are covered up to a certain amount.
      5. No-claim bonus or NCB: The insurance company allows you to earn a no-claim bonus for every claim-free year. The Manipal Cigna Pro-Health insurance company allows a bonus of up to 5% and the sum insured can be extended up to 200%.
      6. Restoration of sum-insured: The insurance provider guarantees to 100% restore the entire sum insured on exhaustion of the available balance. One can avail of the benefit only in case of unrelated injury or illness
      7. Check-ups: A policyholder having a long-term plan can avail the benefit of receiving free health check-ups every 3 years. It helps you understand your health condition thereby, letting you take preventive measures.
      8. Domiciliary cover: With the approval of a doctor, if the policyholder is allowed to receive treatment at home, then the costs incurred for the same will be covered under domiciliary expenses. Doctor’s fees, nurse charges, machine expenses are more are covered.
      9. Foreign country: If the policyholder is admitted to another country other than the origin of the policy issuing company, Manipal Cigna Pro-Health insurance will be complying for providing the necessary coverage. Worldwide emergency services are available.
      10. Alternative treatment: Other than the regular scientific methods of treatment, the world has begun believing in alternative methods. Various insurance providers have begun offering coverage for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, and more that are clubbed together and celled AYUSH cure. Coverage for AYUSH treatment is provided under this plan.



    1. Cosmetic surgeries: Any surgery taking place for personal development such as an obesity treatment, a nose job is not covered under cosmetic surgeries. In case of accident or injury, cosmetic surgery is permitted.
    2. Rehab services: If the policyholder has a drug use issue or alcoholism problem and the use of rehabilitation centers is done, it is not covered under this insurance plan.
    3. Dental costs: Any costs related to dental treatment are not covered under the Manipal CIGNA Pro-Health insurance plan.
    4. Unproven treatment: If the policyholder has decided to undergo an unproven treatment and if any side effects cause harm to your body, then to treat that the insurance company will not grant the claim.

    According to, the policy receives a rating of 4.5 stars. On the other hand, provides a rating of 4.2 stars. Some of the reviews given out by customers are:

    • Swift renewal.
    • Transparency maintained.
    • A good option for one’s family.
    • All in one plan.
    • Nominal premium.

    And more!

    ManipalCigna Pro Health Health Insurance FAQs

    What are the tax benefits available under this plan?

    The policyholder can enjoy tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The benefit of the same can be used up if the duration of the policy is more than 1 year.

    What is the hospital's daily cash benefit? How can it be availed in Manipal Cigna Pro Health Insurance?

    Once the policyholder has been admitted to a hospital, and on completion of 24 hours admission, the insurance company decides to pay hospital cash. The hospital cash is a sum of Rs.1,000. It helps one take care of their pocket expenses. As this benefit is optional and one can choose to apply the option. The insurance company has put in terms and conditions that the maximum term for which hospital cash will be paid out is 20 days per policy yearly.

    What are the eligibility criteria for purchasing the plan?

    The minimum entry age of entering into this plan as a child is 91 days. An adult can enter into this policy after 18 years of age. The policy has not set any maximum entry age, although children of a maximum of 23 years can enter the plan. The various relationships covered under the insurance plan are self, spouse, children, parents, in-laws, brothers as well as sister. The premium can be paid with various flexible options available that will be a day, month, quarter, half-yearly, and annually.