ManipalCigna Health Insurance Plans

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Plans

A joint venture between the Manipal Group and Cigna Corporation, ManipalCigna Health Insurance is a standalone company and counted among the leading health insurers in the insurance sector. The company has marked its presence across 15 top cities in the country. It is widely recognized for its quality services and wide range of health insurance products, including individual and family floater health plans, personal accident health plans, critical illness, senior citizen health plans, group mediclaims, top-up plans, and more.

The plans come with unparalleled benefits leveraging policyholders to undergo quality treatment without worrying about the expenses. In addition, ManipalCigna also boasts a good claim settlement ratio of 85.72%, ensuring smooth and hassle-free claims settlement.

Health Insurance Plans offered by ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company 

  • ManipalCigna ProHealth Insurance: It is a comprehensive health insurance plan by ManipalCigna, available in 5 variants – Protect, Plus, Preferred, Premier, and Accumulate. The sum assured ranges from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 1 crore under this plan.
  • ManipalCigna Super Top Up: Under the ManipalCigna Super Top-up plan, the basic policy cover can be topped up at an affordable premium. This plan is useful for managing the rising inflation rate with a guaranteed cumulative bonus. In addition, this plan comes with some special features like choice of hospital rooms, family discount, non-medical expense cover, Ayush cover, etc.
  • Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, ManipalCigna: It is a simple health insurance policy offering coverage from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The plan covers treatment expenses for diseases like Corona and coverage for modern and advanced treatment, allopathic, Ayush treatment, etc.
  • ManipalCigna ProHealth Cash: It is a hospital cash benefit plan wherein a fixed amount is paid in a lump sum on a daily basis during a hospitalization.
  • ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection – Accident Care: This plan ensures financial assistance during uncertain phases of life. ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection – Accident Care provides complete coverage for medical emergencies due to an accident along with additional coverage for partial disability, ambulance, funeral expense, etc.
  • ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection Group Policy: With this plan, corporate employees can secure themselves and their families. An organization or a corporate can buy this policy for their employees where the policy is issued in the company’s name.
  • ManipalCigna ProHealth Group Insurance Policy: It covers a group of people who can be employees of a company, members of a society, or a professional association. It provides financial protection in case of a medical emergency.
  • ManipalCigna ProHealth Select: This plan provides health coverage while safeguarding you and your family during an eventuality. It offers a range of sum assured amounts to choose from up to Rs 25 lakhs. Moreover, the re-assurance benefit auto-extend the policy up to 2 years on the diagnosis of critical illness or PTD.
  • ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection – Critical Care: This plan ensured financial assistance during a medical emergency for critical illnesses. Upon the first diagnosis of the critical illness listed under ManipalCigna Health Insurance, the insurer pays out equal to the policy sum assured.
  • Corona Rakshak Policy, ManipalCigna:This plan provides a lump-sum benefit equal to 100% sum assured in case of a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 and requires hospitalization for a minimum period of 72 hours. However, the Covid positive diagnosis shall be from a government-authorized diagnostic center.
  • Corona Kavach Policy, ManipalCigna:This plan is specifically designed to cover Covid related hospitalization and home care treatment expenses. It also covers pre and post-hospitalization charges, road ambulance, Ayush treatment and comes with an option of hospital daily cash.

Benefits of ManipalCigna Health Insurance Plans

  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance Plans offer an assured annual bonus wherein the policyholder can increase 25% of their sum insured every year up to 200%. This helps in handling the increasing medical prices but the bonus rate may be different between different plans.
  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance Plans allow multiple restoration benefits wherein 100% assured can be restored every time your health cover amount gets exhausted due to multiple claims. This benefit is available in most of ManipalCigna’s health insurance plans.
  • ManipalCigna allows a lifelong renewability option for their policyholders wherein the insured can renew their health insurance policies anytime within their lifetime and keep it active as long as they want.
  • ManipalCigna offers an easy portability option to its policyholder wherein the policyholders can port their policy from one insurer to another without losing the benefits of their existing health insurance policy.
  • The insurer offers a range of wellness programs and services to help policyholders lead a healthier and stress-free life.
  • ManipalCigna provides worldwide emergency cover as it understands that medical emergencies can arise at any time, anywhere. Therefore, the worldwide emergency cover offers coverage for the medical expenses that might happen due to an illness or injury outside the country.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Inclusions

  • The health insurance plans under ManipalCigna cover in-patient hospitalization costs in case the insured person has been hospitalized as an in-patient for more than 24 hours for any illness or injury. The expenses include doctor’s fees, room rent, diagnostic tests, oxygen, blood, drugs, etc.
  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance plans cover pre and post-hospitalization charges up to 60 days before the hospitalization date and up to 90 days after discharge from the hospital.
  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance plans cover emergency ambulance charges, the expenses incurred for taking the insured to the hospital due to a medical emergency by emergency ambulance.
  • The medical expenses incurred towards major organ transplant is covered under ManipalCigna health insurance plans.
  • Moreover, the health insurance plans cover the expenses incurred towards the daycare procedure or surgery of the insured member. A daycare procedure is one that takes less than 24 hours of hospitalization.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Exclusions

  • ManipalCigna Health Insurance plans do not cover treatment for sexually transmitted or venereal ailments.
  • The health plans do not cover any expense incurred for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, obesity treatment, or any aesthetic procedure.
  • Treatments for injuries or illnesses due to intentional self-harming actions like suicide are not covered under health insurance plans.
  • Medical costs incurred for the treatment of any sustained injuries in war, riots, and other similar conditions are not covered under the health insurance plans.
  • ManipalCigna health insurance plans do not cover expenses for vitamins and tonics for any illness, injury, or disease unless prescribed by a doctor.


The above-mentioned inclusions and exclusion might vary from plan to plan under ManipalCigna Health Insurance.


How soon one needs to submit a claim in case of a cashless claim?

You are required to submit the claim within 15 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

What is the entry age to buy individual health insurance under ManipalCigna?

To buy ManipalCigna individual health insurance, the minimum entry age is 18 years.

What are the different individual health insurance policies under ManipalCigna?

The individual health plans under ManipalCigna are Prohealth Protect Plan, ProHealth Plus Plan, ProHealth Preferred Plan, ProHealth Premier Plan, Lifestyle Protection - Critical Care Plan, Lifestyle Protection - Accident Care Plan, and ProHealth Accumulate Plan.

Is it possible to change my policy during the tenure of ManipalCigna individual health insurance?

Suppose you are not happy with the ManipalCigna individual health insurance. In that case, you can get it changed at the time of policy renewal, as changing the same during the policy tenure is not allowed by the insurer.

What does ManipalCigna's individual health insurance plan cover?

ManipalCigna, individual health insurance policy covers in-patient hospitalization, daycare procedures & surgeries, 60 days pre and 90 days post-hospitalization expenses, worldwide emergency treatment, ambulance expenses, organ donor expenses, domiciliary treatment cover, Ayush treatments, amongst others.

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