Star Net Plus Health Insurance

About the Star Net Plus Health Insurance

Net Plus is India’s first HIV-specific policy introduced by Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. The company is a standalone health insurance provider that began its operations in 2006 with a range of insurance products. In addition to health coverage, Star Health also provides travel insurance and personal accident coverage, and bancassurance.  Star Health is also one of the few companies that offers financial protection to autistic children. 

With nearly 550 branches spread across various cities in India, the company is one of most trusted names offering leading insurance solutions in India. The Net Plus policy is one such renowned insurance product that aims to provide financial solutions to individuals, their loved ones, and corporate employees. The company also offers hassle-free direct claim settlement having settled claims at an impressive ratio of 78.62%.

This one-of-a-kind policy offers policyholders their sum insured as a lump sum amount and carries no age restrictions. As long as the beneficiary is medically diagnosed as infected with HIV, they can avail Net Plus Plans. An important criteria to fulfill is that the CD4 count of the individual should be 350 or above.

    The Star Net Plus Health Plan is provided on an individual basis to people who have been diagnosed with HIV infection. 

    • Given the social stigma surrounding the medical condition, policyholders benefit from full privacy and secrecy. 
    • Insured persons are eligible for a lump sum amount on diagnosis of AIDS which should be the first incidence of experiencing systems since 90 days have passed since policy commencement.
    • The policy automatically terminates in the event of the beneficiaries death or if the sum insured is exhausted.
    • Policyholders aren't required to submit bills or receipts.
    • Quick claim settlement is possible through direct in-house claim settlement.
    • An important benefit fo the plan is that individuals aged 60 and below are excepted from co-payment. 
    • Among the many benefits of plan are regular medical check-ups, coronavirus coverage, tax benefits, cashless hospitalization, AYUSH treatments, and more.

    The following list of factors make an individual applicable for the Star Net Plus Health Plans:


    • The person diagnosed with an HIV infection should not have reached the stage of AIDS.
    • Their CD4 count should cross 350.
    • A person who is proposed by government agencies, non-government organizations, registered AIDS-specific societies can become a beneficiary of the Net Plus plans. 


    Here's discussing the eligibility criteria and corresponding benefits in detail: 


    Eligibility Criteria


    Entry Age

    No age restrictions present

    Waiting Period

    Initial waiting period: 30 days since commencement

    Specific waiting period: 2 years since commencement Pre-existing waiting period: 48 months


    Should not exceed 30 days prior to being admitted

    Room Rent

    Capped at 2% of the sum insured

    Emergency Ambulance

    Covered up to Rs 750 per hospitalization: the maximum limit is Rs 1,500 for every policy period

    Non-allopathic treatment 

    Up to 25% of sum insured

    Cataract Surgery

    Rs 20,000 (one eye), Rs 30,000 (overall policy period)

    Kidney Stone Removal

    Capped at Rs 20,000


    Applicable on individuals above the age of 60

    Policy Term

    1 year

    Free Look Period

    15 days

    Tax Benefits

    Applicable under section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961

    HIV-infected persons are required to undergo a pre-acceptance health test through which the patients CD4 count is confirmed and related AIDS tests are carried out.

    In case the CD4 count is above 350, the person can go ahead with the claim. If the count is found to be below the prescribed levels, it is monitored for the next 60 days to confirm whether the person has reached the AIDS stage. 

    If the critical stage of AIDS is reached, the policy provides comprehensive financial assistance in the form of lump sum amount to ensure better planning and health support.

    • Medical check-ups and pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered under the plan. However, the period should not exceed 30 days prior to hospitalization.
    • Nursing charges, cost of the surgeon, anaesthetist, and other related fees including medicines, anaesthesia, ICU, operation theatre, blood, oxygen are all included. 
    • Room rent or boarding charges are covered under the plan at 2% of the sum insured. Lodgings are provided by the hospital/nursing home.
    • Post-hospitalisation expenses amounting to 7% of the sum insured capping at Rs. 5000 per hospitalization is applicable. 
    • Policyholders are eligible for emergency ambulance coverage amounting to Rs. 750 per hospitalisation; maximum limit is Rs 1500. 
    • AYUSH systems of medicines are covered. 
    • Individuals are eligible for COVID cover under Star Health Net Plus online plans.
    • Star Health Net Plus does not cover self inflicted injuries or self-harming attempts. 
    • Policyholders aren't compensated for naturopathy treatment
    • Policyholders do no enjoy convalescence benefits.
    • Plastic surgeries such as cosmetic or aesthetic treatments, reconstruction procedures are excluded from the plan.
    • Eye-related expenses like eyeglasses, contact lenses, etc are not included in this Star Health policy. 
    • The policy does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.
    • HIV treatment expenses stated under section I are excluded from the policy. 
    • For section II coverage, pre-existing diseases are not covered until 48 months are complete.
    • If the individual is diagnosed with AIDS in the first 90 days of buying the policy, it will not be covered. 
    • If the individual contracts a disease within the first 30 days of buying the policy, it will not be compensated for.

    With COVID cover, financial protection for critical illnesses like HIV/AIDS, and autism, Star Health is invariably unique in its offerings. It js regarded as a highly renowned company in the finance and insurance industry, and boasts a high claim settlement ratio of 78.62%, having sold over 37,34,365 till date. Apart from lifelong renewability, Net Plus policy holders can also avail cashless hospitalization at over 9,900+ hospitals that are included in its network.

    Star Health Bet Plus has a widespread customer base who have benefited tremendously from the company's offerings. Here are some detailed customer reviews for you to check out: 


    Nitish Vats — Net plus plan is a boon fr people who are already infected with HIV. There is no age restriction under this plan when it comes to policy renewal. It covers me for Nursing expenses, surgeon, anaesthetist, others fees, with expenses related to anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre, room boarding, emergency ambulance etc.  


    Nikhil Gupta — This company is worth giving a try to. They have grown so much and now also have a great customer services team. You will never be disappointed to purchase a policy from them. They give you comprehensive plans as per your needs at the best prices in the market with added discounts too  

    Dolly Sharma — I have recently purchased this plan from insurancedekho and it offers payment for sum insured as lump sum in case the insured person is diagnosed with AIDS. Other inclusions under this plan are emergency hospitalisation cover, room, boarding charges, pre hospitalisation and post hospitalisation charges up to a certain limit 

    Star Net Plus Health Insurance FAQs

    Why should I buy Netplus Star Health Plans?

    Star Health Net Plus is one of the few plans that includes coverage for HIV. It is in fact the first policy in India that offers finacial protection to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. In addition to policyholders receiving sum insured as lump sum amount, there is also the benefit for hospitalization and nursing expenses getting covered in the plan. In case of emergencies, ambulnace charges, and room or boarding costs are also covered. It is a one-in-a-kind policy that has AID patients that doesn't have any age restrictions.

    What are some of the non-insurance benefits that policyholders enjoy?

    There are several non-insurance benefits available to buyers. These include:
    Cashless hospitalisation
    Direct in-house settlement (no need of TPA)
    Quicker claim settlement
    Access to over 6000 top-quality hospitals
    24×7 customer support
    Medical advice over call
    Tax benefits
    Netplus online payment

    Is it necessary to undergo a pre-acceptance medical screening to become eligible for the plan?

    Yes, a pre-acceptance medical screening confirms that the individual has indeed been diagnosis for HIV. It also confirms that the infection has not reached the stage of AIDS. It is important for the CD4 count to be above 350 to be eligible for the policy.

    What is the waiting period clause in the Net Plus policy?

    The waiting period clause for NetPlus can be discussed is three different stages:
    Initial waiting period: Policyholders are required to undergo an initial waiting period of 30 days once the policy comes into force, in order for hospitalisation and coverage to be applicable. If it involves cover for accidental claims, this waiting period is not applicable.
    Specific waiting period: There is a 2-year waiting period enforced in case if specific treatments mentioned in the policy contract.
    Pre-existing waiting period: In order to avail coverage for pre-existing diseases, a waiting period of 48 months is applicable.

    What is the claim process of the NetPlus plans?

    To initiate the claim process, policyholders must
    Dial the 24×7 helpline for assistance.
    Provide policy ID number.
    Submit documents required to process reimbursement within within 15 days of discharge.
    The claim will be settled within 30 days after close evaluation.