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About the Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy Health Insurance

Star Health & Allied Insurance Co Limited is an Indian organization that specializes in providing health insurance policies to its customers. The company is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and has been providing personal accident insurance, overseas travel policies, and health insurance plans to millions of customers.

Star Health Insurance prides itself on providing holistic insurance plans that cater to the needs of everyone, including families, individuals, and corporations. It even works as a channel between several offline and online agents and brokers.

It should be noted that Star Health is also prominently in Bancassurance as it has long-standing relationships with several banks. In the financial year of 2018-2019, this organization has been successful in writing a gross premium of Rs.5,402 crore. It has also built an impressive path of an appreciable net worth of Rs.1,480 crore. This value was calculated on 30 March 2019.

Currently, Star Health Insurance has over 10,600 employees working in over 550 branch offices all across India. One of the most popular policies is the Medi Classic Insurance policy and we will also be looking at the Medi test reviews.

The organization has reported a claim settlement ratio of 78.62%. It provides health insurance covers for COVID-19. Beyond that, one can also get an in-house claim settlement with lifetime renewability features. Star Health further has an impressive network of over 9,900 hospitals in India.

    The Star Health Medi Classic Insurance policy provides coverage in case of all major medical hospitalization expenses that might arise from sickness, disease, or illness. This allows individuals to manage their and their families’ medical expenses without any kind of stress.

    Injuries caused due to personal or car accidents are also covered under this policy. The entry age of this policy is from 5 months to 65 years. This means that anybody in that age group can enroll in this policy. Beyond the age of 65 years, only renewal benefits are offered.

    There are many benefits that customers can get by purchasing this policy. Some of those benefits include non-allopathic treatments, hospital cover, fees for the surgeon, emergency ambulance cover, anesthetist fees, consultants, medical practitioner, specialist fees, coverage for boarding, coverage for nursing expenses, coverage for pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization coverage, and cover for pre-existing illness.

    It is also quite interesting to note that the Star Medi Classic insurance plan provides a different sum insured value for different geographical regions. Some of the main benefits of this policy are:

    • Auto restoration benefit of up to 200%
    • In the case of a claim-free year, the benefits increased by 5% of the basic sum insured. This is subject to a maximum of 25% increase
    • Pre-hospitalization coverage is provided 60 days before admission to the hospital and post-hospitalization benefit is provided up to 90 days after being discharged from the hospital

    The details related to the eligibility of enrolling in the Star Medi Classic health insurance plan are mentioned in the table below.




    Entry Age

    5 months

    65 years (After the age of 65 years, this policy can be renewed only)

    Total Sum Insured

    Rs.1.5 lakh

    Rs.15 lakh

    Total Premium

    The value of the premium depends on the age of the insurer, the sum assured option selected, the area where one is living


    Total Policy Term

    1 year


    The details related to the scope of cover for the plan are given below.

    • Room Rent/ Room Category: Under this plan, room expenses are covered up to 2% of the sum insured value. The maximum room rent should not exceed Rs.5,000 per day.
    • Co-Payment: The plan comes with a co-pay that is based on the age of the insurer. This means that the co-pay is equal to 10% of the claimable expenses for individuals over the age of 60 years.
    • No-Claim Benefit (NCB): For every unclaimed year, a no-claim bonus of 5% of the basic sum insured value up to a maximum of 25% is applicable. If a claim is made, then the total bonus is reduced by 5% of the sum insured value. It should be noted that after making any claim, only the total bonus amount would be reduced at the time of renewal. This would not affect the basic sum insured amount.
    • Sub-Limits: In the case of package treatments, a sub-limit of 80% of the sum insured is valid.
    • Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Benefits: The pre-hospitalization benefit is valid up to 30 days before admission to the hospital and the post-hospitalization benefit is valid up to 60 days after being discharged from the hospital. The post-hospitalization charges are also limited to 7% of the hospitalization charges or a total of Rs.5,000. For insured individuals over the age of 60 years, a special daily cash allowance of up to Rs.400 per day after being discharged from the hospital is provided. This is provided for a maximum of 5 days per occurrence and 14 days per policy period. The post-hospitalization cover of Rs.5,000 remains the same for package treatments.
    • Restore Benefits: The policyholder can get restore benefits of up to 200% of the sum insured during the policy period. The family variant of this policy does not come with restore benefits.
    • Health Check-Up: One can get a health check-up benefit equal to 1% of the sum insured value up to a maximum of Rs.5,000. This is applicable for sums insured over Rs.2,00,000 and above and after every four unclaimed policy years. In the case of the family package plan, the health check-up benefit is only available to the individuals who are covered under this policy and have not made a claim.
    • Ambulance Charges: During every policy period, one can avail of ambulance cover between the range of Rs.750 and Rs.1,5000 per hospitalization.
    • Eye Cover: No coverage is provided for eye treatments in this plan.
    • Domiciliary Hospitalization: No domiciliary treatment cover is provided under this plan.
    • Outpatient Benefits: Outpatient treatment charges are not covered in this policy.
    • Critical Illness Cover: No additional cover for critical illness is provided in this health insurance.
    • Alternative Practice: A cover for alternative medical practices is provided up to 25% of the basic sum insured or a maximum of Rs.25,000 per policy period.
    • Dental Cover: Dental treatments are not provided in this plan.
    • Daily Cash Allowance: A daily cash allowance of Rs.1,000 per day for a maximum of 7 days per hospitalization and 14 days per policy period is provided to the policyholder.
    • Organ Donor Cover: The plan does not cover charges for organ donors.
    • Convalescence Benefit: The plan does not provide coverage for convalescence charges.
    • Maternity Cover: No maternity cover benefits are provided in this plan.

    Some key inclusions that are applicable to this policy are:

    • Charges of blood, oxygen, anesthesia, cost of a pacemaker, and operation theatre charges are covered
    • In-patient hospitalization cover for a minimum of 24 hours is also covered under this policy

    Some exclusions from the ambit of this policy are given below.

    • All treatments for bleeding, uterine prolapse, fallopian tube diseases, and dysfunctional uterine illnesses are not covered for the initial two years
    • All treatments for gallbladder, pancreatic calculi, genitourinary calculi are not covered during the first two years of continuous policy operation
    • Treatments for joint diseases, excluding illnesses caused by accidents, are not covered in this policy
    • Any diseases that are contracted by the insured during the first 30 days of purchasing or commencement of the policy are not covered
    • Pre-existing diseases are not covered until 48 consecutive months of coverage has passed
    • During the first policy year, a cooling off period for 30 days is applicable. No claims, apart from claims related to accidents, can be made during the cooling off period. No cooling off period is applicable on renewal of the policy
    • For some treatments of diseases, a waiting period of 2 years is applicable
    • In the case of pre-existing illness, a waiting period of 4 years is applicable
    • Cosmetic surgeries are not included in this policy
    • Treatments for conditions like drug abuse, alcohol abuse, genetic disorders, injuries related to war, and self-inflicted injuries are not included in the cover for this policy

    These days medical expenses are burgeoning rapidly. Consequently, a single visit to the hospital can wipe off your savings clean. This is why Star Health has provided its Medi Classic Insurance policy to its customers. The main aim of the policy is to provide medical coverage to policyholders and their families so that their savings remain untouched during difficult times.

    The Star Medi Classic Insurance policy is available at an affordable cost for both individuals and family members. The benefits of this plan can be enjoyed by everyone between the ages of 5 months to 65 years. If the parents are covered in this plan, then the children can easily be included in the policy too. Further, the sum insured value starts from as low as Rs.1.5 lakh and can go up to Rs.15 lakh.

    Because of all these benefits, customers of Star Health have rated this policy very highly. Let’s look at some of those reviews now.

    • A One-Stop Medical Solution by Ram Jadav (5 stars / 5 stars): When it comes to fulfilling my medical needs and getting necessary coverage, then the Star Health Medi Classic insurance policy has been a one-stop solution for me. The policy has provided me with everything from hospitalization cover to ambulance cover and everything in between. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m very happy with the policy and the services.
    • Excellent Customer Service Communication by Kavita Mishra (5 stars / 5 stars): I purchased the Star Medi Classic insurance policy for myself and my family. I recently filed a claim and was very happy with how everything was handled. The people working in the customer service department were very sensitive to my issue and they handled everything with promptness.
    • No Paperwork Required by Hina Sharma (5 stars / 5 stars): For me, the process of purchasing the Star Health Insurance Medi Classic policy was completely hassle-free and without any paperwork. Everything was handled online and I was able to purchase the policy easily. I have yet to make a claim so can’t comment about that. But everything till now has been very smooth and easy.

    Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy Health Insurance FAQs

    What are the major benefits of the Star Medi Classic health insurance plan?

    The major attractions or benefits of the Star Medi Classic health insurance plan are:
    The plan provides reimbursement in case of hospitalization charges that might arise out of any illness, sickness, accidental injuries, or diseases
    In-patient hospitalizations are covered
    Hospital check-ups for up to Rs.5,000 for a block year period of four years when no claim has been made is applicable
    101 day-care procedures are covered
    Pre-existing illness coverage is provided after a waiting period
    30 days of pre-hospitalization and 60 days of post-hospitalization expenses are covered
    Automatic restoration of the sum insured by 200% is covered
    Non-allopathic treatments are covered to a predefined limit
    Optional cover for patient care and hospital cash allowance is provided

    Who can purchase the Star Health Medi Classic insurance policy?

    Any Indian resident between the age of 5 months and 65 years of age can purchase this policy. Children can be covered along with their patients. The policy can also be purchased by individuals who are HIV positive and individuals whose CD4 count at the time of policy entry is greater than 350. But it should be noted that hospitalization cover is excluded for any opportunistic infections.

    Do I have to undergo a pre-medical screening before purchasing the Star Health Medi Classic insurance policy?

    It is mandatory for individuals over the age of 50 years to undergo a pre-acceptance medical screening at the nominated center of Star Health Insurance. As of now, the company bears the cost of this medical screening.

    Can my Star Health Medi Classic health insurance policy be canceled?

    Yes, Star Health reserves the right to cancel any policy on the grounds of moral hazard, fraud, misinterpretation, hiding of material fact as specified in the forms or at time of claim, or due to non-cooperation of the insured individual. In these cases, the insured would receive a 30 days’ notice through a registered letter at his or her last known address.