Reliance Health Gain Health Insurance

About the Reliance Health Gain Health Insurance

Reliance Health Gain Insurance is a pocket-friendly smart plan designed by one of the biggest MNCs of India. It is specifically targeted for single women and girls who can purchase the policy in easy installments. 

Reliance Health Gain Insurance holders are eligible for lucrative discounts and unique wellness services. Additional benefits include auto-extension, in-patient hospitalization, claim-free bonus, cashless hospitalization, and access to over 4000 top quality hospitals. 

It is an ideal choice for customers looking for affordable insurance and maximum coverage. Till date, over 91,492 policies have been sold with the company having recorded a decent claim settlement ratio of 76.43%. 

Reliance General Health Gain Insurance offers two options — Plan A and Plan B — both of which can be purchased in easy installments. Each of the two policies differ in terms of sum insured, entry and exit age, and coverage benefits. Policyholders can expect a decent level of flexibility with respect to their budget and level of coverage. Each of the two plans are supplemented by long-term discounts, life-long renewability, and an easy claim process, making Reliance HealthGain one of the most sought after and reliable insurance policies in India.

    • Lifetime renewability 
    • Impressive claim settlement ratio (76.43%)
    • Coverage for COVID'19
    • Entry age between 18 to 65 years
    • Over 7300 network hospitals
    • Waiting period of 36 months for pre-existing Illness
    • Yearly restoration benefits on sum insured in case of unrelated illness
    • Double sum insured in case of 3 claim-free years
    • Accident death in case of no claim renewal
    • Pre-hospitalisation coverage for 60 days
    • Post-Hospitalisation coverage for 60 days
    • Auto-extension by one year if a critical illness is identified (Plan B)

    RelianceGeneral Health Gain offers two policy variants: Plan A and Plan B. They can be bought on an individual or family basis depending on the needs of the buyers. 


    The individual plan includes the buyer of the policy and family members like spouse, children, siblings, parents, spouse's parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. The family floater plan includes self, spouse, and other dependents of the policyholders (children and parents).


    Both Plan A and B are largely similar with differences cropping in the sum insured and key features in the coverage. Let's look at the two variants in brief:

    Plan A 

    • The sum insured is Rs 3 lacs, Rs 6 lacs, and Rs 9 lacs for both the individual and floater plans.
    • The domestic road ambulance coverage is up to Rs 1500. 
    • There is no benefit for accidental death cover or free insurance renewal. 

    Plan B

    • The sum insured is Rs 12 lacs, 15 lacs, and 18 lacs for both the individual and floater plans.
    • The domestic road ambulance coverage is up to Rs 3000. 
    • Policyholders can avail up yo Rs 1 lac as accidental death cover.
    • There is a one-time waiver on the premium if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness included in the plan.


    Both Plan A and Plan B cover wellness services and no-claim bonus of 33.3% up to 100% maximum. Additional benefits include AYUSH treatments, call option, claim-service guarantee, domiciliary expenses, and donor expenses, among others. 


    Check out the eligibility criteria below:


    Eligibility Criteria


    Entry Age (Minimum)

    5 years or above (Individual), 91 days to 4 years (Floater; provided one family member is aged 21 or above)

    Entry Age (Maximum)

    Nil if sum insured is 3 lakhs. If not, 65 years



    Sum Insured

    Plan A: Rs 3 lacs, Rs 6 lacs, Rs 9 lacs

    Plan B: Rs 12 lacs, Rs 15 lacs, Rs 18 lacs

    Policy Tenure

    1 and 2 years


    20% of the claim amount is borne by individuals whose entry age is 61 years. 

    In case of the floater policy, 20% of claim amount is applicable as copay for every member covered under the policy if the eldest family member is aged 61 or above at entry. 

    • Pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered for up to 30 days. 
    • Post-hospitalisation charges are covered for up to 60 days.
    • All policyholders are provided a private room regardless of the sum insured. However, there are limits on the rent expenses of rooms and ICUs. 
    • Any disease, illness, or injury for which the policyholder displayed symptoms or was diagnosed with 4 years before the policy was first issued is covered. Even if they underwent treatment for a related condition during this period, it would be covered. Pre-existing diseases waiting period is 3 years.
    • In-patient treatments include doctor's charges, rent, nursing costs.
    • Reliance HealthGain includes daycare treatment for treatments and procedures specified in the plan. 
    • Domiciliary hospitalisation can be availed up to 10% of the sum insured, with the maximum being Rs. 50000.
    • Road ambulance charges Rs 1500 are covered for every claim. 
    • Donor expenses up to 50% (base sum insured) are covered. The maximum limit is Rs 5 lacs.
    • If the individual intentionally causes self-injury, it will not be covered for.
    • Accidents or injuries resulting under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not covered. 
    • Self-injury as a result of participation in criminal acts is excluded.
    • The plan does not cover expenses for Robotic or Stem Cells surgery if the patient is treated outside India. 
    • Diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other Sexually transmitted diseases are not covered. 
    • Congenital diseases or birth defects are not covered.
    • Injuries resulting from war or nuclear activity, or those that are chemical or biological in nature are excluded from the plan.
    • Reliance Health Gain does not cover dental expenses.
    • Maternity and fertility care is excluded with the exception of ectopic pregnancy.
    • Policy holders are not provided coverage for the cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing devices. 
    • Reliance HealthGain also excludes mental illness cover. 
    • Out-patient treatment is excluded if it is non-allopathic. 
    • Reliance HealthGain does not cover cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries. 
    • Diagnostic expenses such as laboratory tests, X-ray, and other hospitalisation expenses are not included in the plan. 

    The Reliance Health Gain policy enjoys a rating of 4.5/5 on Insurance Dekho. Being a product of one of the largest and highly trusted MNCs of India, the policy offers unmatched benefits and is widely appreciated by customers.


    Here are reviews by some happy customers of the Reliance HealthGain policy: 


    Abhishek Arun — I have this plan for a sum insured of Rs. 3 Lakh and i get many benefits under this plan like cover for pre and post hospitalisation expenses for a number of days, cover for daycare treatment, domiciliary hospitalisation treatment, charges for domestic road ambulance etc and took cashless treatment also once


    Shashi Nagpal — I had my first claim experience with reliance general when my daughter was hospitalised. And i have to appreciate quick response of the team in helping me at the time when i needed them. My product health gain offers me many benefits like pre and post hospitalisation expenses, in patient treatment expenses, etc.

    Anonymous User — The customer support executive helped me renew 2 health insurance policies online. She was patient and very helpful in solving all my queries. Online chat experience has been the best I have experienced on any portal. I hope all the employees are as efficient as her. Keep up the good job. Thanks a lot for helping me.

    Reliance Health Gain Health Insurance FAQs

    Is it mandatory to schedule a medical check-up every year?

    No, as long you regularly renew your policy, there is no requirement for a medical check-up every year. It is advisable to review any changes in the terms and conditions of the policy.

    Does the Reliance Health Gain policy offer tax benefits?

    Yes, under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, policy holders are eligible for tax rebate.

    What are key highlights of Reliance General Health Insurance?

    Policyholders benefit from wellness services, cumulative bonus on every claim-free year, free medical check-up, and lucrative discounts from chemists. In addition to this, accidental death cover is provided to individuals without the need for a claim renewal. A free-look period is allowed during which cancellation is possible if the policy is not found satisfactory.
    HealthGain allows a wide range of sum insured starting from Rs 3 lacs to Rs 18 lacs.

    What is the age criteria for Reliance General Health Insurance?

    For children, the minimum entry age is 5 years if you buy an individual plan. If you choose to go with a family floater policy, the entry age can be 91 days to 4 years provided one or more members of the family are above the age of 21 years. The maximum entry age is 65 years. However, if the sum insured is Rs 3 lacs or above, the maximum entry age does not apply.

    What are the terms and conditions for claim-free bonus in the Reliance General Health Gain Insurance?

    Policyholders can avail cumulative claim-free bonus on sum insured for every applicable year. The sum insured is increased by 33.3% every year with the maximum being 100% for every claim-free year.

    What is the accidental rider death cover?

    Policyholders can avail Accidental Death Cover under Plan B up to Rs 1 lac. This amount is provided for ever no-claim renewal.