National Parivar Mediclaim Health Insurance

About the National Parivar Mediclaim Health Insurance

The National Insurance Company Limited (NIC) is one of the oldest general insurance organizations in India. It has been operating as a subsidiary of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) since its nationalization in 1972. It wasn’t until the General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Amendment Act in 2002 that NICL was hived off as a distinct company.

In April 2004, the National Insurance Company also entered into an agreement with the Nainital Bank for the distribution of its general insurance products. The branches of Nainital Bank are spread across Uttarakhand, Haryana, and New Delhi. One of the most popular products rolled out by NICL is the National Parivar Mediclaim policy.

According to the National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim brochure, the organization has a dedicated team. It can boast of a claim settlement ratio of 83.78%. The organization provides coverage for COVID-19 treatment and has a network of over 6,000 hospitals.

Most plans come with a lifelong renewability option. The National Insurance is also India’s second-largest non-life insurer in terms of the collection of Gross Direct Written Premium. The company also has several pilot introductions of product customization, for both corporate and rural sectors.

    The National Parivar Mediclaim policy is provided in a floater health care option. The plan can cover self, spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents for a single sum insured benefit. The sum insured options can also range from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakh. This is provided in multiples of Rs.1 lakh.

    The total policy term can vary between 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. This policy is very popular due to the large number of benefits provided with it. Some benefits that are included in this policy are organ donor expense, domiciliary treatment, day-care treatment, pre-hospitalization cover and post-hospitalization cover.

    This is a lifelong renewability policy that provides benefits for pre-existing illnesses like diabetes cover and pre-existing hypertension cover. The policy also comes with critical illness cover and outpatient treatment cover. All of these benefits are additional options that can be purchased by paying an extra premium amount.

    The main objective of this policy is to provide coverage to a family in case of financial losses during an unexpected hospitalization. This can be due to illness or accidental injuries to a family member or self. Other key features that are associated with this policy are described in the table below.

    Feature/ Benefit


    Overall Policy Coverage

    Cashless medical treatments and reimbursement is provided according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the official policy documents

    Total Sum Insured

    From Rs.2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh. This amount is provided in the multiples of Rs.50,000

    National Health Insurance Renewal

    The tenure of the policy is one year and the policy has to be renewed every year by the policyholder

    Pre-Hospitalization Cover

    All medical charges incurred 15 days before hospitalization are covered

    Post-Hospitalization Cover

    All medical charges incurred 30 days after being discharged from the hospital are covered

    Ambulance Charges

    Covered up to a maximum of Rs.1,000 per illness and to a total of Rs.2,500 in a policy year

    No Claim Bonus Feature

    This feature is provided if no claims are made during a policy year. A maximum of 5% discount is provided on the base premium value

    Medical Check-Up Feature

    A free medical check-up is provided to the policyholder and insured for being continuously enrolled in the policy for four years. This feature is covered up to a maximum amount of Rs.5,000

    Tax Benefits

    Policyholders can avail of tax benefits on the premium amount paid towards the policy plan. This is in accordance with the Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961

    Co-Payment Feature

    A co-payment of 10% is applicable to the claims for treatment of pre-existing conditions like hypertension and diabetes

    Pre-Existing Medical Illnesses

    Coverage is provided to pre-existing diseases in this policy after a waiting period of 48 months

    Hospital Room Rent

    Covered up to 1% of the total sum insured amount per day

    ICU Charges

    Covered up to 2% of the sum insured per day

    Hospital Cover

    Coverage is provided for the fees of surgeons, anesthetist, consultants other and medical practitioners

    Medical Charges Benefit

    Coverage is provided for charges related to oxygen, blood, surgical appliances, anesthesia, operation theatre charges, medicines, chemotherapy, cost of pacemaker, artificial limbs, x-ray, medicines, and drugs

    Organ Donor Charges Cover

    Charges related to the cost of surgery where the insured individual is donating an organ to someone else

    Limit for Total Expenses

    Final charges for a particular illness are limited to a total of 50% of the sum insured value

    Entry Age

    In the case of adults, anybody between the ages of 18 years to 60 years can purchase this policy. In the case of dependent children, the minimum age is 3 months and the maximum age is 25 years

    Premium Charges

    The final premium charges can vary as this value depends on the age of the eldest member of the family

    Daycare Procedure Cover

    In this policy, over 140 day-care procedures or surgeries are covered up to the sum insured limit

    AYUSH Benefits

    Apart from the regular coverage for allopathic treatments, it also provides coverage for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy; jointly called AYUSH

    It should be noted that an extra premium needs to be made if one wants coverage for medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension. Cashless facilities are also processed by approaching one of the hospitals in the company network.

    There are some main highlights of this policy. Let’s look at some of those policies by referring to the list given below.

    • In-patient hospitalization charges are covered
    • More than 140 day-care treatment charges are covered
    • Pre-hospitalization charges of up to 30 days before hospitalization are covered
    • Coverage for post-hospitalization charges of up to 60 days after being discharged from the hospital is provided
    • If one wants to get treatments related to AYUAH related alternate therapies, that facility is also available up to a certain percentage of the sum insured value

    A few factors that are not included in this health insurance plan are given below.

    • Any condition or illness that the policyholder or insured might have contracted during the first 30 days from the issuance of the policy
    • A waiting period of 36 months is applicable before one can get maternity benefits
    • Conditions like HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases are not covered
    • Treatment charges related to sterility, infertility, and assisted conception are not covered
    • Treatment expenses incurred due to psychiatric disorders and self-inflicted injuries are not covered in the plan

    Healthcare costs are climbing up a very steep slope every single day. If this trend keeps up, then we would approach a scenario where getting any sort of medical treatment would become next to impossible. Keeping this in mind, the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance has been designed by the National Insurance Company.

    The National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance provides complete protection to the entire family under a single sum insured. The coverage benefit can be used by any of the insured family members. The policy term is also very flexible. One can choose between 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years of policy term for a minimum of two family members.

    The plan has reduced the financial burden of the entire family during difficult times suffered due to medical emergencies. Because of all these reasons, policyholders have rated this policy very highly. Some of those reviews are mentioned below.

    • Organ Donor Coverage by Tanya Singh (5 stars / 5 stars): I have been looking for a health insurance plan that provides organ donor coverage. I finally found the National Parivar Mediclaim policy that provides this benefit at a very low premium. I’m very happy with this policy and will be renewing it in a few weeks.
    • Took Additional Benefits by Temima Das (5 stars / 5 stars): I was going through the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance policy documents when I realized that some features were missing. I was able to get those features by opting for the add-on features. Even with the add-on features the policy has a very affordable premium. I have opted for the pre-existing diabetes cover.
    • Excellent Quotes and Cashless Treatment by Sujata Sharma (5 stars / 5 stars): I’m completely happy with the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance policy. I received excellent quotes for the premium amount and have also gotten some cashless treatments. I received all these services without any hassle or issue.

    National Parivar Mediclaim Health Insurance FAQs

    What is included in the outpatient cover benefit of the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance?

    Out-patient cover is provided as an optional cover in the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance policy. To avail of the benefits of this treatment, one must get a prescription from a medical practitioner. This coverage is provided to a certain limit in the floater plan option. The exact coverage is provided for the following charges.
    Out-patient consultations
    Diagnostic tests
    Out-patient dental treatments

    What is included in the critical illness cover of the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance?

    The National Insurance Company provides an optional cover to individuals who fall between the age group of 18 years to 65 years. The benefit amount applicable for this cover is Rs.2 lakh, Rs.3 lakh, Rs.5 lakh, and Rs.10 lakh per individual. This amount is in addition to the sum insured amount selected.
    The critical illness cover is subject to several terms and conditions that you can go over by referring to the official policy documents. Further, the diagnosis of the illness should also be supported by proper documentation that is valid and can be accepted by the company. A 30 days survival period should also be completed after the diagnosis.

    I want to purchase the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance policy from the National Insurance Company. Can I get any discount while making the purchase?

    Yes, customers can get discounts while purchasing the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance policy. Some discounts that you can get are:
    A maximum of 5% discount is provided to customers on making the purchase online
    A 2.5% discount is provided during the renewal of the policy
    By selecting a policy term period of 2 years or more, customers can get a long-period discount of 4%
    Further discounts can be availed by selecting different zones including Zone II, Zone III, and Zone IV

    I want to purchase the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance. Which sum insured option should I get?

    You can select a sum insured option depending on your requirements and needs. The sum insured options provided in the National Parivar Mediclaim health insurance policy are:
    Rs.1 lakh
    Rs.2 lakh
    Rs.3 lakh
    Rs.4 lakh
    Rs.5 lakh
    Rs.6 lakh
    Rs.7 lakh
    Rs.8 lakh
    Rs.9 lakh
    Rs.10 lakh
    You can take your pick of the sum assured.