HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance

About the HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance

Are you looking for a plan that truly cares for your health? Do you want a policy that rewards you for trying to stay fit and healthy? Or do you simply need a little motivation to get started with your daily morning walks? Whatever may be your reason, combine it with the assurance that only one of India’s most loved insurance companies can provide and you will get the HDFC ERGO policy. 

This might just be the perfect plan for you if you are looking for a policy that offers you multiple attractive benefits and some amazing features. With offers like restore benefit, health check-up, multiplier benefit, and so much more, you need to check out this plan at least once!

We know how tough it is to get all important information related to a policy on a single page, but you might just be able to find all you need to know about this policy on this page. Given below are the benefits, key inclusions, exclusions, customer reviews, etc. about this policy. 

Read on to know all about HDFC’s special policy and all the exciting benefits it has to offer.

    As the name suggests, this comprehensive health policy is all about offering its customers a chance to restore their health. With a good sum insured, it can not only help you face medical issues easily and with confidence but also helps to motivate you to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

    Basically, the plan aims to incentivize you to stay active and healthy. This is done so that you can become a healthier version of yourself. In return, the plan promises to offer up to an 8% discount on your renewal premium. The policy decides the discount rate based on your activity. Sounds exciting, right? That is not all, though. The plan also offers many other exciting offers and benefits. It also allows you to choose between an individual policy and a floater pack for your family. This way, you can pick a plan according to your needs and family size.

    1. 100% Restore benefit: Health problems don't usually knock before coming into our lives. Sometimes, situations change so quickly that it becomes very tough to keep up with the challenges. A lot of people do not want to choose options with greater sum insured as they can be slightly more costly as compared to the others. However, this can lead to very stressful situations. Even if you already own a plan, managing your finances can become difficult for you once the limited sum insured of your policy gets exhausted. This can be quite common in case of an emergency or a serious illness. After your sum insured is over, most policies will not be able to help you further. To overcome this problem and avoid such a stressful situation for its customers, this HDFC ERGO policy offers a special 100% restore benefit. This means that your policy can be automatically restored up to 100% of your sum insured after your first claim. This unique feature can help you battle illnesses and emergencies without worrying about the limits of your sum insured getting exhausted in an emergency situation. 
    2. No sub-limit on room rent: If you are making complete premium payments so that your policy can help you when you need it, shouldn't you be the one deciding how to spend it in case of such a stressful situation? This policy is offering you no sub-limits on room rent. This feature will allow you to choose a comfortable room for yourself when you might need it the most so as to allow you to heal your health faster. Emergencies and illnesses can create very stressful situations. Worrying and deliberating about whether your policy will cover your room rent can unnecessarily add to your problems. This policy seems to understand this. This means that you get complete coverage on the room rent, even up to the full amount of your sum insured! No worries on economizing on room quality.
    3. Cashless Transactions and Daily hospital cash: Getting emergency treatment can require you to have huge sums of readily available money to pay for bills and other necessary expenses associated with getting hospitalized. However, it might not always be possible or convenient to arrange for such huge amounts, especially on an urgent basis. Do not worry, though. With the option of getting cashless treatment in the network hospitals of the policy, you can save yourself and your loved ones from such an inconvenient and unwanted situation. That's not all, though. This HDFC ERGO policy boasts of having a huge network of over 10,000 hospitals! This means you can easily get cashless treatment at any one of these 10,000+ hospitals, without any hassle or undue difficulty. Moreover, the daily hospital cash feature also ensures that you have adequate funds for your necessities during these tough times.
    4. Lifetime Renewals: With this feature of the policy, you will be easily able to renew your policy without much hassle. Bonus: This will be applicable even after you turn 65 years of age, which is a big advantage for you!
    5. Benefits at the time of recovery: Hospital treatments can last for long periods of time. Due to their strict nature, they frequently result in loss of income for the family. Keeping this in mind, the policy promises to give you a Rs.10,000 lump-sum amount in the case where you have to be hospitalized for more than 10 days. 
    6. Option to upgrade your policy easily: Do you think your healthcare needs might change after a year? Then why not go for a policy that allows you to welcome the new changes in your life by easily adjusting the policy according to your new needs? This is another feature offered by this policy. When it is time for you to renew your policy, you can choose to upgrade your plan and move to the next slab.
    • 30 days waiting period: Treatments that are obtained within 30 days of buying the policy. But this does not apply to accidental injuries. 
    • Treatments like: Cosmetic surgeries, dental treatment, non-allopathic treatment, etc.
    • Self-inflicted injuries: These injuries and the treatment costs related to them are not be covered by this policy and they include attempts at suicide or substance abuse
    • STDs: The plan does not cover sexually transmitted diseases of the insured. 
    • Injuries and/or their treatment arising out of war, nuclear, chemical, or biological weapon and radiation
    • Pre-existing medical conditions: The policy will allow you to cover pre-existing medical conditions but only after a waiting period of 36 months. This is only possible with the condition that the illnesses were declared and approved at the time of buying the policy and there would be 3 months of continuous coverage. 
    • Pre- and Post-hospitalization expenses: With the inclusion of these costs, your policy can not only help you during your hospital stay but even before and after it. 
    • Ambulance charges, day-care procedures, and room rents
    • Modern treatment methods: The policy will help you cover treatments like stem cell therapy, Deep brain stimulation, etc., which are all expensive procedure.
    • Conditions and treatments for Genetic diseases, mental illnesses, stress, or psychological disorders

    Following are the list of things customers loved the most about the policy, according to their reviews:

    • The trust and assurance provided by HDFC ERGO
    • Plenty of options to choose from within the budget
    • Good support from the company while settling a claim
    • Best coverage and affordable plan
    • Provides us with a good incentive to stay fit and healthy

    HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Health Insurance FAQs

    Can I get tax benefits after buying this policy?

    Yes. The premiums that you will pay for this policy will qualify for deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act but the normal ceiling limits will apply.

    Is it possible for me to use this policy to cover my family as well?

    With this policy, you will get the option to either buy a cover only for yourself or on a floater basis so as to include your family as well. The floater can be used to cover your spouse, dependent parents, dependent parents-in-law, as well as any dependent children.

    If I buy this policy in my home state, can I use it to avail treatments when I am traveling to other states within India?

    Medical emergencies and accidents do not give prior warnings. You may not always be in your home state when you might end up needing medical treatment. This is why this policy will allow you to get treated in any hospital or city you like in India. This can be done without facing any sub-limits or additional copays. In short, this policy is valid on an all-India basis.