Future Generali Health Total Health Insurance

About the Future Generali Health Total Health Insurance

Future Generali Health Total, is a total solution for all your health insurance requirements. It provides a breadth of coverage which includes the inbuilt basic coverage features with additional benefits and optional riders. The plan has three types to offer with different levels of total sum assured. Future Generali Health Total through its retail offering is a health plan with much wider and a longer-term coverage. It can be availed on individual and on a family floater basis, also this policy comes with lifetime renewability. Future Generali Health Total plan offers coverage for pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, maternity expenses, new-born baby related procedures, along with others. 

Future Generali Health Total Insurance also provides a No Claim Bonus up to 100% of the total sum insured in case there is no claim made by the policy holder during the preceded year. On a general basis when it comes to catering to you and your family’s health care needs- managing expensive health-related expenses, Future Generali Health Total comes across as a comprehensive solution.

    • The Health Total plan can be taken either on an individual basis or on floater basis.
    • The three variants of this plan are- Vital, Superior and Premier with different Sum Assured levels and the policyholder can choose any option as per their choice. 
    • This plan guarantees lifelong renewability. 
    • Extended family members of up to 15 can be covered under the Superior and Premier plan’s floater option.
    • The Health Total plan has sum assured refill feature which adds the Sum Assured if it is exhausted in the policy in any year. 
    • Zero medical check-ups until 50 years of age in case of the first plan variant Vital is required.
    • The plan has no limit on the entry age. 
    • The total Sum Assured is increased by 50% as a no claim bonus, if no claim is made in any preceding year. The maximum increment trough this allowed is limited to 100%. 
    • In case of hospitalisation due to any accident, the sum assured is increased by 25% to a maximum amount of Rs.10 lakhs. 
    • The plan provides additional value-added benefits like re-addition of Sum Assured, increment of Sum Assured in case of accidental injuries along with E-Opinion, Wellness care, etc.
    • Rebates on premium – The plan offers three types of rebates or discounts which are as follows:
      • Family Discount – If family members are included in the health cover an additional premium discount of 10% is provided. 
      • One-time discount – If the original policy holder passes away and the plan is renewed, additional one-time discount of 10% is allowed. 
      • Deductible discount – If the policyholder voluntarily decides to opt for a deductible, a premium discount ranging from a 10% up to 25% is allowed based on the level of deductible opted. 
      • Long Term Discount – If a longer-term plan, say, a two-year plan is taken, a discount of 7.5% is allowed. And if a 3-year plan is taken the discount corresponds to 10%. 
    • Cumulative Bonus – For every year when the policy holder has not made any claim in the policy, the Sum Assured is increased by 50% subject to a maximum of 100% increase in the total sum assured. This is the no-claims bonus.
    • Portability – If the policy holder wants to change their existing health insurance plan taken from another insurance provider to this plan, they can do so. The phenomena of portability should be requested at least 45 days before the expiry of the previous policy which is being ported.
    • Free Look Period – A free look period or cooling off period of 15 days is granted to the policyholder after the policy issuance to review and understand the policy terms and conditions. If the policy holder finds it unsatisfactory, the plan can be cancelled within this period and the premium paid would be refunded after deducting the relevant penalty charge, known as the mortality charge, service tax, cess and stamp duty paid.
    • Grace Period – A grace period of 30 days is allowed for paying the premium after the final date, during which the policy cover continues; post which it lapses. 
    • Plan cancellation –The Insurance provider can cancel the policy on grounds of fraud, misrepresentation, or non-disclosure. In such situations, premiums paid are not refunded. The policy holder can also cancel the policy if he wants and, in this case, premiums would be refunded after deducting minimum coverage cost for the period for which the policy was in force and other expenses as stated above.

    Future Generali’s Health Total Mediclaim Policy has the feature of co-payment on every possible claim for an individual enabling the policy at age 60 years and above, it also offers number of discounts and other benefits. The discount ranges from 10% to 25% discount as per the voluntary cut-offs & plan opted, 10% long-term discount up to 10% applicable in case of upfront premium payment for a long-term policy, and -  

    • Lifetime assured renewability 
    • Zero loading on premium for adverse claims experience
    • Tax offsetting as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act on premium payment by any mode other than cash
    • The facility of monthly, quarterly and half yearly payments for long-term policies
    • 10% family discount on adding more than one person in the same policy on an individual sum insured basis
    • Standard individual premiums applicable for the primary policy holder, also there are floater discounts applicable on premium as per age
    • Expenses incurred in organ donor are covered under this policy
    • Maternity related expenses are also covered
    • Medical expenses incurred in pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation are also covered
    • Expenses related to day care treatment and organ donor are also covered up to a certain limit on daily basis depending on the total sum assured value for the admitted patient
    • Out of all the health insurance policies available, I prefer Health Total by Future Generali. As it covers OPD expenses, maternity, and all basic medical needs. Also, the policy also has great benefits for me and my family. It is best!!
    • Health Total by Future Generali is a great policy to secure me and my family from unnecessary medical expenses. It covers medical expenses related to inpatient, day-care treatment, ambulance charges, hospitalisation, ICU charges and many more!
    • Future Generali Health Total gives me total protection against unknown medical emergencies! It has e-opinion, organ donor expenses, maternity expenses, pre and post hospitalisation, and day-care expenses. I like the plan as it is much suitable for me.
    • I am a first-time policy holder of Future Generali. This plan cost me much less in terms of premium. Coverages offered are top notch as it includes expenses for pre & post hospitalisation, maternity, new-born expenses, organ donor, day care, and others.
    • Coverage for the expenses linked with day-care treatment and organ donor, for medical expenses incurred in pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation, maternity and much more, the policy has a lot of benefits to offer to me!

    Future Generali Health Total Health Insurance FAQs

    Why should I opt for Future Generali health insurance policy?

    Future Generali Health Insurance helps you stay well covered during medical emergencies. This insurer is well known for providing cashless approvals in as less as 90 mins of time enabling faster process movement. It also offers multiple customer centric plans which further come with hassle free prompt claim settlement. This helps relieve the stress during trying times and ensures insured gets due support as required by them.

    Under what circumstances can my policy get lapsed?

    Your policy can lapse if the premiums are not paid on time. But, in case there is a delay in paying the premium, you are eligible for a grace period of 15 days for monthly premium mode and in case of the quarterly, monthly, half yearly or annually payments the time limit is of 30 days for clearing the premium dues without any interest.

    How can I nominate someone in a policy?

    Nomination is possible only if the policy owner is life assured. You may add more than one person under a policy as a nominee. However, a percentage-wise nomination is not permitted. You may also make changes to your nominees at any time during the tenure of the policy. A minor can be nominated; but, for such a nomination, a guardian of 18 years of age or above needs to be appointed.