COVID-19 Health Insurance For Senior Citizen

About the COVID-19 Health Insurance For Senior Citizen

COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult situation for all of us, specially for senior citizens as their immune system weakens and deteriorates as they age. Thus, in order to keep them protected from major financial losses if they contract COVID-19, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made up customised health insurance policies in association with insurance companies that offer coronavirus cover at reasonable premiums. This can be availed not only by new senior citizen policyholders, but also by the existing ones, the ones who purchased health insurance plans before contracting the virus, are also eligible to access the coverage benefits for COVID-19. 

Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans can be pure insurance based or fixed benefit plans. Both the plans protect the policy holder for expenses incurred due to treatment of COVID-19, given the diagnosis of the virus has been done at a government registered centre. In this plan, along with senior citizens, you can also include other family members. These members may include spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-laws. It is important to note that most of these policies are short-term policies and thus, do not offer lifetime renewability options. Although, you can purchase them with health insurance plans regulated by IRDAI and enable extended coverage against the coronavirus.

    Considering you are a senior citizen yourself or a concerned daughter or son, knowing that health insurance plans for senior citizen help provide the required financial security without taking granted the quality of medical care. Some reasons why health Insurance policy for senior citizens is so important:


    • The senior population is the most affected by COVID: Its largely recorded fact that death rate due to COVID is higher in the senior age group or people with an underlying medical condition. People between ages 55 and 80 are more susceptible to contract this disease and be greatly affected by it as their immunity is already at vulnerable levels. 
    • Age related diseases: It is said age is just a number, but there are changes in physical state of growing old, this can be easily mitigated by regular health check-ups and required medical care. Though, all these requirements cost financial inputs. Having a health insurance policy specially for senior citizens takes care of the financial well being, as then you fully focus on getting mentally and physically better and living one’s life to the fullest. 
    • Medical inflation: In today’s world, healthcare is experienced as an expensive affair. But we cannot just ignore it for its price tag. So, by going for a comprehensive health insurance plan, good health can be attributed to you and one can beat medical inflation too. 
    • Not simply a health insurance: Health insurance plans for senior citizens are curated not just for simple health coverage, but also for additional wellness benefits like fitness routines, diet tips, nutrition guidance and much more.

    What benefits does one get to go with a senior citizen health insurance plan?

    • Alternative medical treatment benefits: Generally, medical assistance is offered via alternative treatments which are not harsh for fragile physical conditions well suited for senior citizens. These are popularly referred to as AYUSH benefits.
    • Pre and post hospitalisation: Health Insurance plans for Senior citizens covers for pre-hospitalisation expenses upto 60 days as well as post-hospitalisation charges until 180 days.
    • Sum insurance rebound: This feature helps recharge already exhausted coverage plans, which one can effortlessly make use of, for any medical treatment or hospitalisation. 

    Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans cover for the following healthcare expenses: 

    • In-Patient Hospitalisation Expenses: Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans coves for in-patient hospitalisation expenses. These are the costs that are incurred due to hospitalisation of at least 24 hours. These costs include but not limit to- room rent, nursing, boarding, blood, anaesthesia, Doctor or Surgeon or Consultant fee, medicines, ICU expenses, etc. 

    • Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses: Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans cover you for expenses incurred for limited to a certain number of days before hospitalisation. The expenses include but are not limited to consultation fee of the doctor, medical tests, medicines, etc. 
    • Post-Hospitalisation Expenses: Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans covers you for expenses incurred for fixed number of days after hospitalisation. These expenses include but are not limited to medicines, medical tests, and doctor’s fee, etc. It is important to note that pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses should be related to the disease for which the hospitalisation has taken place. 
    • Day-care Hospitalisation Expenses: All expenses incurred within the time frame of 24 hours are borne by the insurance company. These can be- chemotherapy, dialysis, radiotherapy, cataract, tonsillectomy, etc. COVID-19 health insurance plans cover you for a limited number of such treatments for senior citizens.
    • AYUSH Treatment: AYUSH treatments are medical treatments given under Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy systems of medical practises. Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans for senior citizens cover you for these treatments. 
    • Road Ambulance Expenses: Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans covers for road ambulance expenses which might arise due to transporting the patient from a place to the nearest hospital. There are generally limits on road ambulance expenses this may vary from plan to plan. These details in regard to limits can be accessed in the policy document. 

    Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans do not cover the following healthcare expenses: 

    • Home Quarantine: Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans do not cover you for expenses that arise due to staying in quarantine at home. 

    • Non-Recognised Quarantine Centre: Expenses which are due to quarantine at non-recognised quarantine centre are not included in COVID-19 health insurance policies for senior citizens. 
    • Pre-Existing Diseases: Expenses incurred due to treatment of pre-existing diseases are not covered under COVID-19 health insurance plans for senior citizens, although this can be availed after the completion of the waiting period.
    • Hospitalisation Without Doctor’s Recommendation: Senior citizens COVID-19 health insurance plans do not cover you for expenses incurred due to hospitalisation without qualified doctor’s recommendation.

    This is a very natural confusion that many experiences, especially when it comes to protecting your money and getting the appropriate treatment. What is an ideal health insurance plan for you, as a senior citizen? How much premium will you be paying? What should be the ideal coverage?

    • Assess, analyse the right insurance sum: It is of utmost importance to know the right amount of insurance coverage you need for yourself. For this, one needs to assess their age, health, demographic factors, and other lifestyle practises. Living in a metro city would require you to have an insurance amount that is slightly higher than in rural areas. One should also take a longterm look at their health and determine the sum that will cover for all your health conditions.
    • Insurance covering home-health care: For senior citizens it is physically difficult to make frequent hospital trips. Based on your interests, look for an insurance that will cover home health care for you. 
    • Affordability: One cannot ignore the budget factor as you age, since your expenses usually are more than your income. Having debts or responsibilities might make you look at your financial situation before opting for a specific health care plan. You can take help of a health insurance premium calculator, to determine the amount you will be paying annually, and if it fits your budget, go for that health insurance plan.

    COVID-19 Health Insurance For Senior Citizen FAQs

    Is there any health insurance policy offered that is specially designed for senior citizens?

    Yes. There are many health Insurance plans offered by health insurance companies which are specially designed for the senior citizens.

    What is the total sum insured options offered under health insurance policies for senior citizens?

    Sum insured options available for senior citizens health Insurance policy for COVID-19 are of Rs. 1 Lakh and Rs. 2 Lakh.

    Are there any add-on benefits provided under senior citizen health insurance policy?

    Yes. Most heal to insurance companies offer two add-on benefits under the senior citizen health insurance plan. These are-critical illness covers and pre-existing disease cover.