ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

Corona Kavach Policy is a standard health policy developed by IRDAI and made available by ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company. ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Plan is an indemnity health insurance cover that compensates the medical expenses incurred on COVID-19 related hospitalization/ home care treatment expenses. In addition, the policy also covers Pre and Post hospitalization, Road ambulance, AYUSH treatment with an option of Hospital daily cash.

The policy can be purchased on an individual as well as family floater basis and offers a varied range of sum insured starting from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs. It covers different family members, including spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law, and the policyholder.

Eligibility criteria for ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

Minimum entry age  Child: 1 day, Adult: 18 years
Maximum entry age Child: 25 years (family floater policy), Adult: 65 years
Sum assured options Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs
Policy term 3 ½ months (105 days), 6 ½ months (195 days), 9 ½ months (285 days)
Premium payment mode Single premium payment mode
Relationships covered Individual Policy: Self, Spouse, Dependent Children, Parents & Parents-In-Law

Family Floater Policy: self, spouse, dependent children up to the age of 25 years or parents/parents in law (a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children can be covered under a single policy)

Key highlights of ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

  • ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy covers COVID-19 treatment expenses at the hospital as well as at home up to the Sum Insured.
  • It offers a 5% discount for health care workers.
  • A pre-insurance medical check-up is not required irrespective of the insured’s age and Sum insured.
  • The Free-look period is not applicable under this policy.
  • Renewal is available, subject to the underwriting policy of the company.
  • Potability and migration are not applicable under this policy.
  • Tax benefits are applicable under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • The insured members can avail of the policy offers after completing the waiting period of 15 days from the policy commencement date.
  • The policy gives the option to choose daily hospital cash.

Inclusions in ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

  • ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy covers COVID-19 hospitalization as well as home care treatment expenses.
  • The policy covers 15 days before the date of hospitalization/ home care treatment and 30 days from discharge from the hospital/completion of home care treatment expenses up to the Sum Insured.
  • The policy also covers AYUSH treatment care expenses.
  • Ambulance charges of Rs 2000 per hospitalization are covered under the policy.

Exclusions in ManipalCigna Corona Kavach Health Insurance Policy

The insurer will not pay any claims arising out of or attributable to any of the following:

  • All covers under this policy shall cease if the Insured Person travels to any country placed under travel restriction by the Government of India.
  • Any expenses incurred on Day Care treatment and OPD treatment.
  • Diagnosis / Treatment outside the geographical limits of India.
  • Any claim in relation to COVID-19 where it has been diagnosed prior to policy start date.
  • The insurer will not cover the expenses related to the COVID-19 treatment within 15 days from the first policy commencement date.



Why should you opt for the Corona Kavach Policy from ManipalCigna?

When there are uncertainties like Coronavirus or COVID-19 is around, a health insurance policy is of great help to deal with any medical emergency. The Corona Kavach Policy from ManipalCigna offers coverage for coronavirus treatment at the hospital and home while saving your hard-earned money from draining out in the medical expenses.

Who can all be covered under the Corona Kavach policy?

Individual plans cover self, lawfully wedded spouse, dependent children, parents, parents-in-law. Whereas a family floater plan covers self, lawfully wedded spouse, dependent children up to the age of 25 years, parents, parents-in-law. A floater plan can cover a maximum of 2 adults and 3 dependent children under a single policy.

What does the Corona Kavach policy cover?

Following are the coverages offered by Corona Kavach policy
Covid Hospitalization Cover
Home Care Treatment Expenses
Pre Hospitalization
Post Hospitalization
Ambulance Cover
AYUSH Treatment
Hospital Daily Cash (optional)

Does Corona Kavach policy offer worldwide coverage?

No, Corona Kavach policy does not offer worldwide coverage. Therefore, all the medical treatments for the purpose have to be taken in India only.

What documents are required to be furnished for the Corona Kavach policy?

In general, a filled and signed proposal form and a payment instrument are required to apply for health coverage under Corona Kavach Policy. In case of additional documents, the insurer shall contact the insured.

What is the type of payout under this policy?

Base cover is offered on an indemnity basis under Corona Kavach Policy, while the optional cover of Hospital daily cash is available on a benefits basis.

Does the Corona Kavach Policy cover the Quarantine Period?

Corona Kavach Policy only covers home care treatments on the advice of a registered medical practitioner and at a facility designated by the Government as a hospital for the treatment of a Covid positive insured person.

Are OPD expenses covered under Corona Kavach Policy?

No, Corona Kavach Policy does not cover any expenses incurred on an OPD basis. It only covers medically necessary treatment certified by a registered medical practitioner in the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization period.

What are the optional covers available under Corona Kavach policy?

Hospital Daily Cash is available under optional cover wherein 0.5% of Sum insured per day for every 24 hours of continuous hospitalization is offered under the policy, provided the company has accepted in-patient hospitalization claim.

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