Digit Total Protect Policy

Digit Total Protect Policy

Purchasing a holistic health insurance policy will not only help you to stay protected against various diseases but will also boost up your self-esteem. A good health insurance policy will support you financially during a health crisis. Digit Total Protect Policy is ideally designed to protect you and your loved ones from loss of income if you are injured for a long period or die due to an unfortunate accident. This healthcare policy owns 27 sections that cover you for various medical expenditures in the case of an accident or hospitalization. This policy offers a spectrum of coverage against various illnesses and health problems. This is the best policy that covers a lot of health risks and expenses at the time of emergency.

Eligibility criteria for Digit Total Protect Policy

Minimum entry age For accidental

Proposer: 18 years

Dependent child: 3 months

Adult insured: 18 years

For critical illness

Proposer: 18 years

Dependent Child: 181 days

Adult insured: 18 years

Maximum entry age For accidental,

Proposer: No limit

Dependent Child: No limit

Adult insured: No limit

For critical illness

Proposer: 85 years

Dependent child: NA

Adult insured: 85 years

Cover type Individual/family floater
Sum assured options Minimum: Rs.50,000 and maximum: Rs. 20 Crore
Policy term 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years
Premium payment One-time
No. of people covered Proposer and any one or more family members

Key highlights of Digit Total Protect Policy

  • This policy is available either on an individual sum insured basis or a family floater basis.
  • This policy offers a variable sum assured to policyholders.
  • This policy offers both cashless and reimbursement claim processes. You can avail of cashless treatment for more than 6400 hospitals in India.
  • The premium amount is also affordable for this policy.
  • This policy will pay 100% of the sum assured if in case the insured dies due to an accident. The minimum sum assured for the accidental death benefit is Rs.5000 and it is a maximum of up to Rs.20 Crore.
  • This policy offers permanent and partial disability benefit.
  • If you are injured due to an accident, this policy will offer you the loss of income benefit. The minimum income in a week starts from Rs.1000 and it is a maximum of Rs.2 Lacs per week.

Some special features of this policy

  • After your initial waiting period, this policy offers cancer coverage to policyholders.
  • This policy offers lifestyle modification benefits (From Rs.5000 to Rs. 1 crore).
  • This policy compensates for child marriage and education.
  • This policy also offers coverage for funeral expenses, trauma counselling, and burn cover.
  • The insured policy members are free to migrate from this policy to an individual health insurance policy or a family floater policy offered by our company.


Inclusions in Digit Total protect Policy

  • In-hospitalization: This policy plan offers hospitalization expenses (nursing expenses, doctors’ fees, room rent, OT charges, medicines, oxygen, blood, etc.) if the insured policyholder needs to be hospitalized because of an accidental injury
  • Accidental death: The policy will pay 100% of the sum assured if the insured policyholder dies due to an accident. The minimum sum assured is Rs.5000 and it is a maximum of up to Rs.20 Crore.
  • Ambulance coverage: This plan allows all the expenses for ambulance coverage if the policyholder needs any hospitalization under accidental and illness hospitalization cover
  • Pre and Post hospitalization: This plan covers all medical expenses before the hospitalization (up to 30 days) and after your discharge (up to 60 days) from the hospital.
  • Daycare procedure: If you got any accidental injury or illness during the policy period and due to this, you need to go for a treatment at a daycare center, then this policy pays all medical expenses incurred for such day care procedure
  • Ambulance expenses: The policy will compensate for the cost of ambulance charges if you need to shift to a hospital because of an accident
  • HIV coverage: The policy will pay the sum assured if you are first diagnosed or suffering from an HIV Infection.
  • Modern treatment methods: Modern treatments, including Balloon Sinuplasty, Immunotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, etc. can be covered
  • Hospital cash: This policy offers you a daily cash allowance if you are hospitalized. The cash allowance is Rs.100 per day (minimum) to Rs. 5000 per day (maximum)
  • Critical illness benefit: This policy offers critical illnesses benefits (from Rs.5000 to Rs. 3.5 Crore)
  • OPD expenses: If you suffered from an accidental bodily injury, this policy compensates for OPD treatment if it is taken from a medical practitioner.

Exclusions in Digit Total Protect Policy

  • Obesity or weight control related surgeries that are not related to any medical treatment
  • Change of gender treatments are not covered under this policy
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgeries
  • Spectacles, hearing aids-related expenses
  • Claims resulting from committing or attempting to commit a criminal act will not be covered
  • Treatments due to substance abuse are not covered
  • Sports injuries or adventurous activities are excluded
  • Treatments without a doctor’s recommendation are not covered

Digit Healthcare plus Policy cancellation

You can cancel this policy any time by giving 15 days’ written notice. The company will refund the premiums on short-term rates for the unexpired policy period.


What are the waiting periods and survival periods under this Digit Total Protect Policy?

There are various options for the waiting period under this policy
· Critical Illness Options: No Waiting Period, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days
· HIV Cover Options: No Waiting Period, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days
Survival Period
· Critical Illness 30 Days

Do I need to undergo any medical test and who will bear the costs for Digit Total Protect Policy?

If you opt for personal accident cover, then no medical tests are required. However, if you opt for critical Illness cover or HIV Cover, the insurer will advise any medical tests if they are required. The insurer usually bears the costs of pre-policy medical check-ups.

Can I avail tax benefits under Digit Total Protect Policy?

Yes. You can avail of tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, on the premium paid for this policy.

Can I enhance my sum insured under the Digit Total Protect Policy?

Yes, you can increase your sum assured amount under this at the time of policy renewal. For this, you are required to submit a fresh proposal.

Which critical illnesses are covered under the Digit Total Protect Policy Page?

Take a look at some of the critical illnesses that are covered under this policy.
· Multiple sclerosis with persisting symptoms
· Bacterial meningitis
· Parkinson’s disease
· Permanent paralysis of limbs
· Major head trauma
· Coma of specified severity
· Apallic syndrome
· Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis
· End-stage lung failure
· Abdominal aorta aneurysm

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