Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

A joint venture between Bharti Enterprises (51%) and AXA Group (49%), Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited started its operations in 2008, offering various general insurance products to its customers, including health and critical illness, individual and family travel, motor and two-wheeler, property and business, and crop insurance. The insurance provider has a strong foothold across the country, with over 135 branches.

Bharti AXA General Insurance has been known over the years for its innovative insurance solutions and unparalleled services. The health insurance products offered by the insurer give medical coverage to individuals as well as families.

Facts about Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

Incurred Claim Ratio 63%
Network Hospitals 4500+
Renewability Lifelong
Branches 135+

Why opt for Bharti AXA General Insurance Company?

  • Bharti AXA General Insurance Company comprises more than 4500 hospitals in its network all over the country where the policyholder can avail cashless treatment when required.
  • The insurer provides 24/7 customer assistance through its dedicated customer care team, ensuring that the insured can avail of hassle-free medical assistance.
  • Bharti AXA General Insurance company holds several awards and recognition in its kitty, such as the Best Use of Technology Award by Assocham 2020, Claims Service Of The Year Award at BFSI Awards 2018, Customer Service Excellence Award at BFSI Awards 2019, etc.
  • The policyholders can easily track their claim request by entering Claim Number or Policy Number along with the Policy Expiry Date on the insurer’s website.
  • The company offers a wide range of health insurance policies to cater varied needs of its clients.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers a host of health insurance plans to match the different necessities of individuals and families. Below is the list:

  • Smart Health Assure Health Insurance Plan
  • Smart Super Health Insurance Plan
  • Bharti AXA Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Plan

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Health insurance claim settlement is a procedure to raise a claim against medical expenses to the insurers. There are two ways to do it – cashless claim and reimbursement claim.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Cashless Claim settlement process

If the policyholder is treated in any insurer’s network hospital, the claim is processed in a cashless manner. Below are the steps to be followed:

  • Step 1: Get hospitalized at any of the networked hospitals as listed in the policy documents.
  • Step 2: Get a pre-authorization request form from the hospital or the insurer’s website upon admission to a network hospital. Get the form filled by the treating doctor, submit it to the TPA or the hospital’s insurer, and all other relevant medical documents.
  • Step 3: The TPA or the insurer will verify the documents and pre-authorization form, and after the verification, they will decide on the issuance of the claim approval. The pre-authorization will be done within 6 hours in case of emergency admission and 48 hours for a planned admission.
  • Step 4: After the approval of the claim, the insurer will give the entire claim amount to the network hospital within 21 days from the date of receipt of complete claim documents.

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim process

If the policyholder gets treated at a non-network hospital, they can claim reimbursement under Bharti AXA Health Insurance plans. Below are the steps for the same.

  • Step 1: Get the required treatment at a non-network hospital. Pay the entire hospital bills and collect all the bills, documents, reports, receipts, etc.
  • Step 2: Submit necessary documents to the insurer for the reimbursement within 30 days from the date of discharge
  • Step 3: The insurance provider or TPA will further verify the documents provided, and they can also ask for some more reports or documents if required for the verification.
  • Step 4: After receiving all the documents and their verification, the insurer will settle the claim within 30 days from the date of documents submission. The payment will be made within 7 days of receipt of acceptance of the claim.

Documents Required for Bharti AXA Reimbursement Claim:

The documents required for the reimbursement claim settlement process at Bharti AXA Health Insurance:

  • Duly signed claim form
  • Discharge summary and final hospital bill
  • Prescription of attending doctor advising hospitalization
  • Surgery or consultation bills and receipts
  • Chemists and pharmacy bills with doctor’s prescription
  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalization bills etc
  • Diagnostic reports with the prescription of the doctor
  • MLC Report & Police FIR

Bharti AXA Health Insurance Renewal Process

By renewing Bharti AXA Health Insurance policies, the policyholders can continue to avail the policy benefits. Below are the steps to renew Bharti AXA health insurance plans:

Step 1:

  • Visit Bharti AXA General Insurance website.
  • Select the renew tab.
  • Choose Bharti AXA Health Insurance and then click on the ”Renew” button.

Step 2: Enter the policy number, policy expiry date, name, mobile number, and email address, then click on the ”Continue” tab.

Step 3: Review the health insurance plan details and premium amount to proceed with the policy renewal.

Step 4: Pay the premium online for a health insurance policy through the preferred payment gateway.


Are pre-medical tests necessary to buy a Bharti AXA health insurance policy?

No, pre-medical tests are not required to buy a Bharti AXA health insurance policy until you are up to 45 years old.

Which factors influence the insurance premium?

The factors that influence insurance premiums include pre-existing medical conditions, age, profession and work environment, body mass index (BMI), family medical history, first insurance policy, etc.

Does Bharti AXA General insurance company issue a policy for more than one year?

Bharti AXA offers insurance policies for a duration of 1 year, and after that, you can renew them accordingly.

What does the Bharti AXA senior citizen health insurance plan cover?

Bharti AXA senior citizen health insurance policy offer coverage for in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, treatments taken under AYUSH systems of medicines, daycare treatments, domiciliary hospitalization expenses, emergency ambulance expenses, organ donor expenses, lump sum amount in case a critical illness is diagnosed, etc.

Does Bharti AXA health insurance policy offer tax deductions?

Yes, Bharti AXA health insurance plans are eligible for tax benefits on the premium paid, under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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