Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Insurance Plan

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Insurance Plan

Bajaj Allianz’s Health Guard health insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage for individuals with several features. The policy has two variants, the Silver health plan and Gold health plan that offer coverage for hospitalization expenses caused by serious illnesses and accidents. With more than 6500 + hospitals, the plan allows a policyholder to get coverage for various medical services at affordable prices. 

Some of them include in-patient hospitalization, pre-hospitalization, daily cash benefit, post-hospitalization, convalescence benefit, organ donor expenses, family coverage option, tax benefits, daycare procedures, etc. 

Eligibility criteria for Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan

Minimum entry age  18 years for adults and 3 months for dependent children
Maximum entry age 65 years for adults and 30 years for dependent children
Sum assured options Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.2 lakhs

 (Silver plan)

Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs (Gold plan)

Policy term 1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
Premium payment Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly 

Key highlights of Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan

  • Bajaj Allianz health Guard health insurance policy offers a Gold plan and Silver plan for policy buyers. They can choose the right one based on their requirements. The Silver plan provides sum assured from Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.2 lakhs, while the Gold plan offers sum assured from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs. 
  • The policy offers a family floater coverage allowing a policy buyer to pay one single premium. 
  • 100% Sum insured reinstatement benefit for a policyholder when the in-patient hospitalization treatment term gets exhausted during the policy duration.
  • Bajaj Allianz health Guard health insurance policy provides convalescence benefit for up to Rs.7500 every year.
  • Lifelong renewability for policyholders to enjoy the benefits.
  • No pre-medical tests required for up to 45 years.
  • Co-payment options for above 60 years with 20% discount.
  • Extended coverage plan option for parents, spouse, senior citizens, dependent children, and siblings. 
  • The policy covers free preventive health check-ups in three years.
  • Policy buyers can get tax benefits up to 60,000.
  • Daily cash benefit and health CDC benefit.
  • The policy provides a 10% family discount for 2 members and 15% up to 3 members.
  • 4% policy discount for two years and 8% for three years.
  • Maternity expenses and newborn child coverage for Gold plan policyholders.
  • 5 % discount for new customers when they a policy online.
  • Ayurveda and homeopathy treatment expenses for Gold plan policyholders.
  • The plan covers a 10% of cumulative bonus of the basic sum assured when a policyholder doesn’t claim any amounts in a policy year.
  • Policyholders can get a grace period of 15 days when they fail to pay premiums on time.
  • Cashless and reimbursement claims.

Inclusions in Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses:  The policy offers reasonable and customary medical expenses for policyholders when they get hospitalized due to critical illness and accidents.
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses: Policyholders will get coverage for pre-hospitalization with a waiting period of 60 days and post-hospitalization expenses with a waiting period of 90 days.
  • Daily cash benefit: The policy offers a daily cash benefit of Rs.500 per day, a maximum for up to 10 days.
  • Daycare procedures: Bajaj Allianz health Guard health insurance plan offers expenses for daycare procedures or surgeries that require hospitalization for less than 24 hours. 
  • Road ambulance coverage: The policy offers ambulance expenses to a maximum of Rs.20000 during a term 
  • Organ donor expenses: The plan provides expenses for organ donors up to the sum insured. 
  • Bariatric surgery coverage: The Gold plan offers coverage for bariatric surgery expenses when a policyholder likes to undergo a weight loss procedure.

Exclusions in Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan

  • Treatment expenses for self-inflicted injuries.
  • Drug and alcoholism. 
  • Dental treatments and cosmetic surgeries. 
  • Vaccination or inoculation unless prescribed by a doctor. 
  • Pre-existing illnesses are not covered before a waiting period of 3 years. 
  • HIV or Aids.
  • Two years of mandatory waiting period on specific health conditions. 
  • Circumcision unless required for the treatment of Illness or accidental bodily injury.
  • Cosmetic or aesthetic treatments of any description, treatment, or surgery for change of life/gender.
  • Cost of medical equipment such as contact lenses, dentures, hearing aids, etc.
  • Experimental, unproven, or non-standard treatment.
  • Vitamins, tonics, and nutritional supplements unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Treatment outside India.



What are the two plans offered by the Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan?

Gold plan and silver plan are the two types available under Bajaj Health Guard Health insurance plans.

What are the sum insured options available in the Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan?

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan offers a sum insured amount of Rs.1 lakh and 2 lakhs for a Silver plan. The Gold plan provides a sum insured amount of Rs.3 lakhs from 50 lakhs.

What is the waiting period of the Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan?

The plan has a waiting period of 36 months for bariatric surgery and pre-existing illnesses. It also includes a 72 months waiting period for maternity expenses.

Does the policy include any co-payment?

The policy includes co-payment for policyholders who are above 60 years old with a 20% discount that will save more money.

How to purchase the policy?

New customers can purchase the policy online in simple steps with more discounts.

Do policy buyers need any medical examinations?

Policy buyers who are below 45 years don’t need any medical tests

How to cancel Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan?

The policyholder may cancel this policy by giving 15 days written notice, and in such an event, the company shall refund the premium for the unexpired policy period.

Is it possible to renew a policy?

Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Health Insurance plan is a lifelong renewability plan, and a policyholder can get the same benefits.

Does the plan have family floater coverage?

The plan offers family floater coverage for policyholders, and they can include children, spouses, siblings, grandparents, etc.

Can policyholders choose alternative treatments?

Yes. The policy offers coverage for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy in listed hospitals across several locations of India.

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