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HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Insurance Plans
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HDFC Ergo Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

Do you know of the wise squirrel that kept saving its nuts well ahead of freezing winters when he would be locked in his burrow, unable to get out and find food? We all know of such squirrel tales as they may be affectionately referred to! Yet, there is a big message in this story, depending on how you interpret the same. Life is uncertain and no one can predict what is going to happen in the future. However, when you know that something may happen, you can take steps to prepare for any such eventuality to ensure future security and mental peace alike (even if such a development does not take place). 

This is the basic moral behind this story and it applies equally to availing of critical illness insurance plans. Sounds confusing? Picture a scenario where an entire household ends up in the doldrums financially, since their existing health insurance coverage (or they do not have coverage) is insufficient to cover costs of hospitalization and treatment for the critical illness of any family member. This is where you should be like the wise squirrel and get hold of this coverage as an add-on with your existing health policy or individually as a standalone policy. You can check out HDFC Ergo critical illness insurance plans in this regard. 

HDFC Critical Illness Insurance Plans Benefits

  • 86.52% as the claim settlement ratio for HDFC critical illness insurance plans. 
  • Availability of COVID-19 coverage with your critical illness insurance policy HDFC Ergo
  • Claim settlement provisions are totally available in-house and there are more than 10,000 partner hospitals in the network. 
  • Approximately 10,66,365 policies have been sold till date by the company. 
  • You can also renew your policy for an entire lifetime which is a big benefit to say the least! 


HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Critical Illness Plans 

Does HDFC Ergo health insurance cover critical illness? The answer is of course yes. You should check out the available critical illness insurance HDFC Ergo plans at hand and then take a decision. This policy ensures total financial security during any such critical scenario. The policy helps in covering the financial costs of such treatment and medical procedures while paying out a lump sum amount to the individual insured upon the very first diagnosis and the minimum survival duration.

It ensures a bigger financial shield for combating issues like strokes, cancer and other diseases which may turn fatal. The critical illness policy has Silver, Gold and Platinum variants. The policy enables customers to do away with compromises on the quality of healthcare and get the best medical options for treating their illnesses. The lump-sum amount may help in clearing medical bills and covering treatment costs while also enabling repayment of all other debts simultaneously. 


  • A choice for purchasing the critical insurance plan for 1/2 years. 
  • No medical check-ups are needed for those till the age of 45. 
  • Lump-sum payouts are done as part of one transaction. 
  • All hospital expenditure is covered in case of any listed critical ailment/illness. 



  • Accidents taking place due to any war or while being a part of the air/armed/naval forces. 
  • Treating obesity or getting cosmetic surgery. 
  • Injuries which are self-inflicted. 
  • Accidents happening while participating in extreme/adventure sports activities. 


HDFC Ergo Cancer Plans

This is another type of plan that customers can take a closer look at. This plan is known as the iCan Cancer Insurnce Plan and offers lifetime cancer coverage. The costs of surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, proton therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are covered seamlessly under this plan. The sum insured amounts range between Rs. 5-50 lakh on average. 

There is an option to take care of the household with lump sum payouts of 100%. 60% of the sum assured is paid out as the assured lump sum over and above the base figure assured upon the cancer diagnosis. There is cashless treatment at more than 4,500 hospitals in the network along with renewability options for a lifetime. Medical second opinions may be taken if cancer is the first diagnosis. There are two versions of this plan, namely iCan Enhance and iCan Essential. 


The coverage under the plan includes treatment for all stages and types of cancer along with pre and post hospitalization of 30-60 days. There is follow-up care treatment for an amount up to Rs. 3,000 twice each year. There is also Rs. 2,000 in coverage for any emergency ambulance for every hospitalization of the patient. All hospitalization, treatment and daycare treatments are covered for cancer along with surgeries, chemotherapy, cancer medication, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and radiation therapy. Non-allopathic procedures are not covered along with other non-cancer expenditure, diseases taking place due to HIV/AIDS, congenital external ailments, and treatments done outside India or at any centre (which is not an official hospital).

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