Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance

About the Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance

Buying health insurance may look like an expensive investment. However, not buying any at all could prove to be an even greater risk. Premium costs always seem hard to pay. But it is important to remember that adding a small premium to your monthly budget in time is better than having to borrow and take loans to pay hospital bills later on. It is often said that life can be uncertain and it might be impossible to predict who would end up needing medical assistance in the future. 

This is the reason, it is often recommended to buy a good health insurance policy for you as well as for all of your loved ones. A good option that you must look into is this uniquely designed Oriental policy specially designed for you and your family. It not only offers very attractive and new features but also allows you the freedom to pick among very good options to customize your plan according to your budget and lifestyle. 

Read on to find more about the plan, its benefits, key inclusions, exclusions, reviews, etc.

    Oriental Happy Family Floater Policy Health Insurance FAQs

    Do I have to buy all the three plans of this policy?

    This policy offers 3 plans, viz. the silver, gold, and diamond plan. You can choose to buy any one of these according to your budget and your specific needs.

    Which plan should I buy under this policy; silver, gold, or diamond?

    This is a question you must consider deeply before buying this policy. Only you can answer this question properly while carefully looking at your needs. Some of the things you can consider are your monthly budget, medical needs, the size of your family, future income growth etc.

    Can I choose a cover amount of more than Rs.20 lakhs under this plan?

    Currently, the plan allows you to get a sum insured ranging from Rs.1 lakhs to up to Rs.20 lakhs (under the diamond plan).