HDFC ERGO My Health Koti Suraksha Health Insurance

About the HDFC ERGO My Health Koti Suraksha Health Insurance

They say “money cannot buy happiness.” However, money can be used to safeguard your health. Almost 10,000 diseases are floating in the outer world, and only 500 cures have been found out. The odds of one falling prey to various diseases are scary. It is redundant to say this, but we do not plan to catch diseases or falling sick. It is a completely contingent situation one ends up in. So, to protect oneself from an unforeseen future you need to have a backup plan. 

The introduction of health insurance was made for the reason of providing financial protection for yourself and your loved ones. Not only do diseases cause harm to you and me, but another way of getting yourself hurt is also accidents. In India, 1214 road crashes occur on a daily basis. 25% of deaths take place due to two-wheeler accidents. There are more numbers to show, but these bare minimums also scare us. To safeguard oneself from such tragedies another instrument namely personal accident insurance had been introduced. 

You may be wondering that purchasing one health insurance in itself is expensive, and now 2 are required. I may save you the stress as HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company has got you covered.

    HDFC Ergo My Health Koti Suraksha Health Insurance FAQs

    What are some other benefits provided other than basic coverage?

    One of the most unique benefits offered is fitness and wellness programs. The HDFC ERGO My Health Koti Suraksha Insurance Plan allows the policyholder to avail the benefit of a health coach that provides necessary diet plans, fitness help as well as psychological counselling. Under wellness services, one can opt for diet tips and more. Certain workshops are arranged for stress management and pregnancy care that can be used by the policy purchasers.

    The policy has provided coverage of Rs.1 crore, which is a huge sum. Why do I need such huge coverage?

    There has been rapid development in the field of science and technology. With more research, more expenses are incurred, and the treatment offered has been enhanced. It leads to higher costs. In an emergency, one is already worried about their health as it is a life-death situation. And so, the availability of such wide coverage allows you to avail the best high-quality treatment available. Also, one can cover their family members. Having a huge coverage sum protects you from medical inflation too.

    How is the cashless benefit opted for?

    As HDFC ERGO My Health Koti Suraksha Health insurance plan claims that their cashless benefit claims are settled within 20 minutes. Let’s get an insight into this area. Once you have been admitted to a hospital, an intimation form is filled by the person along with the patient. The form is then faxed to the insurance provider. Approval will be granted almost on a real-time basis. One can then be stress-free and can use the coverage been offered by the insurance company.