Star Young Star Insurance Policy

Star Young Star Insurance Policy

Star Young health insurance policy from Star health Insurance covers various medical expenses incurred at the time of hospitalization and comes with various features like coverage for ambulance charges, cap on room rent, automatic restoration amongst others. This plan is available on an Individual and Family Floater basis and has two plan options – Gold and Silver. It offers a sum assured option of Rs 3 lakh and between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 crore.

Eligibility criteria for Star Young Star Insurance Policy

Minimum entry age  91 days
Maximum entry age 40 years
For dependent child 91 days – 25 years (only on floater basis)
Sum assured options Rs 3 lakh (only on individual basis) Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 crore (individual and floater both)
Policy term 1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
Premium payment Quarterly, half-yearly, annually, biennial (once in 2 years) and triennial (once in 3 years)
No. of people covered Self, spouse and upto 3 dependent children

Key highlights of Star Young Star Insurance Policy

  • Two plan options: the plan comes with two options – Gold and Silver, comprising multiple sum assured options.
  • Cumulative Bonus: the insured gets a cumulative bonus of 20% for every claim-free year.
  • E-medical opinion: the policyholder can get E-opinion from a panel of experts at the insurance company.
  • Automatic restoration of the sum assured: in case the sum assured gets exhausted; then the policyholder can avail for auto restoration benefit for the medical expenses except for the modern treatments.
  • Wellness program: the insurer offers rewards to the insured for maintaining a healthy lifestyle under its wellness program. These rewards can be used to save on the payment of the premiums.
  • No capping: for treatment at single AC room, there is no capping
  • Tax Benefit: Tax benefits are applicable as per the prevailing norms of the Income Tax Act.

Special Features under both Silver and Gold option of Star Young Star Insurance Policy

In case the policyholder purchases this policy before 36 years and renews continuously without any break, then on completing 40 years, the insured person will get a 10% discount on the premium applicable during renewal at the age of 40 years.

Midterm Inclusion of an additional person

  1. Newly Married / Wedded spouse and/or legally adopted child: the insurer needs to be informed about the marriage/adoption within 45 days from the date of marriage or date of adoption.
  2. Newborn baby: the information about the newborn baby should be given within 90 days from the date of birth. The cover for newborn babies starts from the 91st day of their birth.

Special Conditions:

  1. Waiting periods as stated under the policy will be applicable from the date of inclusion of such newly married/wedded spouse, newborn baby, legally adopted child.
  2. Such midterm inclusion will be subject to the underwriter’s approval.

Inclusions in Star Young Star Insurance Policy

  • In-hospitalization: the plan covers nursing expenses, specialist fees, room rent, ICU charges etc.
  • Emergency road ambulance: the plan covers emergency road ambulance charges incurred due to immediate transfer to the hospital.
  • Pre and Post hospitalization: medical expenses incurred 60 days before the hospitalization and 90 days after discharge from the hospital are covered under this plan.
  • Daycare procedures: medical expenses incurred for daycare procedures like cataract are covered under the plan.
  • Advanced treatments: several advanced treatments like Balloon Sinuplasty, Oral Chemotherapy are covered under the plan.
  • Health Checkups: expenses incurred for health check-up are covered in the policy.

Exclusions in Star Young Star Insurance Policy

  • Pre-existing diseases
  • During the 30-day waiting period, no expenses are covered.
  • Respite care treatment
  • Obesity related treatment
  • Cosmetic or Plastic surgery
  • Gender change treatment
  • Drug addiction or alcoholism
  • Sterility or infertility
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • STDs
  • Injuries or illness due to war or similar situations, nuclear weapon attack, existing specified diseases

Star Young Star Insurance Policy Cancellation

The policyholder can cancel the policy in the 15-days free look period, and the insurer will refund the amount minus any expenses incurred by them or stamp duty charges. If the policyholder cancels the policy after 15 days, then the amount gets refunded on a pro-rata basis.


How many times can I request a claim under Star Young Star Insurance Policy?

You can file a Star Young Star Insurance Policy claim multiple times up to the sum assured limit.

Is it possible to port to any other health insurance plan offered by Star Health Insurance?

Yes, you can port to any other health insurance plan by applying 30 days before the existing policy expires.

What will happen if the sum assured as well as the restoration benefit gets exhausted?

In case the sum assured and the restoration benefit gets exhausted, then the policy will automatically get exhausted.

What are the diseases covered under Star Health Insurance plans?

Star Health Insurance plans cover various diseases. Such as Star Health Critical Illness plans to cover different critical illnesses, including Cancer, Stroke Causing Hemiplegia, Coma, Paraplegia, and Quadriplegia.

What is the difference between a top-up and super top-up plan in Star Health insurance?

A top-up policy provides add-on coverage over your base health insurance policy coverage. Whereas a super top-up policy offers coverage when multiple claims go beyond the limit of the insurance cover.

How soon should Star Health Insurance be informed about hospitalization?

In case of planned hospitalization, Star Health Insurance should be informed within 48 hours of admission, whereas in case of emergency hospitalization, the insurer should be informed within 24 hours of admission.

Is a co-payment facility available under the Star Health Insurance policy?

Yes, a co-payment of 20% for every claim made for new and renewal policies is possible under the Star Health Insurance plan.

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