Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy

Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy

Star Mediclassic Health Insurance plan covers hospitalization expenses incurred due to illnesses, diseases, and accidental injuries. With more than 9000 network hospitals, the insured can avail of cashless treatments at any network hospital. Individuals aged between 5 months to 65 years are eligible to buy this policy, but after 65 years, only renewal is possible.

In addition, the policy also covers emergency ambulance charges, allopathic treatments, surgeon fees, nursing expenses, pre-existing disease, and coverage for pre and post-hospitalization.

Eligibility criteria for Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy

Minimum entry age  5 months, 16 years (Gold plan)
Maximum entry age 65 years (same for the Gold plan)
Sum assured options Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh

Rs 3 lakh to Rs 25 lakh (Gold plan)
Policy term 1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
Premium payment Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly. The premiums can also be paid in 1,2 or 3 years for the entire policy tenure.

Key highlights of Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy

  • Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy offers a wide range of sum assured – Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. And under the gold option, the sum assured ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 25 lakh.
  • Policy applicants above 50 years are required to undergo medical screening at any Star health insurance’s nominated centers.
  • The policy comes with different tenure options of 1/ 2/ 3 years.
  • Star Mediclassic policy compensates up to 2% of the sum assured and Rs 5000 for the hospital room, boarding, and nursing expenses.
  • One of the unique benefits of this plan includes coverage for medical expenses for psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders incurred on the first diagnosis. However, a minimum of 5 days of hospitalization is required for it.
  • A cumulative bonus of 5% to 20% of the sum assured is offered within the policy for claim-free years.
  • The plan also offers automatic restoration of the basic sum assured by 200%.
  • Star Mediclassic health insurance policy comes with a Gold plan option, offering additional benefits and optional covers.
  • Tax Benefit: Tax benefits are applicable as per the prevailing norms of the Income Tax Act.

Inclusions in Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy

  • Daycare Procedures: Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy covers expenses incurred for daycare procedures like cataract.
  • Emergency Ambulance Charges: the plan covers emergency ambulance charges up to Rs 750 minimum and a maximum of Rs 1500 within the policy term.
  • In-Hospitalization: This plan covers nursing expenses, specialist fees, room rent, ICU charges, etc.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses: the policy covers medical expenses up to 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization.
  • Health Checkups: costs of health checkups are covered once every four years of the policy tenure, which is valid for coverage amounts above Rs 2 lakh only.
  • Ayush Treatment Cover: The plan covers Ayush treatment up to 25% of the sum assured amount up to a maximum of Rs 25000.

Exclusions in Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy

  • Expenses related to any unproven treatment.
  • Respite care and rehabilitation expenses, rest cure.
  • Childbirth and cesarean complications except ectopic pregnancy.
  • Congenital external condition or defects or anomalies.
  • Pre-existing diseases.
  • During the 30-day waiting period, no expenses are covered.
  • Obesity-related treatment.
  • Cosmetic or Plastic surgery.
  • Gender change treatment.
  • Drug addiction or alcoholism.
  • Sterility or infertility.
  • Self-inflicted injuries.
  • STDs.
  • Treatments expenses for injuries or illness due to adventure sports.

Star Mediclassic Health Insurance Policy cancellation

The policyholder is allowed to can Star Mediclassic policy by giving 15 days written notice. The insurer shall refund the premium for the unexpired policy period.


Why should I opt for a Star Mediclassic health insurance plan?

Star Mediclassic health insurance plan comes with several benefits: pre-and post-hospitalization coverage, daycare treatments, inpatient hospitalization, and many more. The policy also covers expenses for modern treatments and procedures and other add-on benefits, including restoration of sum insured, domiciliary treatment, health checkup, etc.

What if I fail to pay to renew the Star Mediclassic health insurance policy on time?

Star Mediclassic Health Insurance policy offers a grace period of 30 days from the policy expiry date if you fail to renew the policy on time.

Does Star Mediclassic health insurance plan offer tax benefits?

Yes, Star Mediclassic health insurance plans offer tax benefits for the premiums paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Does Star health insurance offer a free look period to cancel Star Mediclassic health insurance policy?

Yes, Star Health Insurance provides a free look period during which the insured can review the policy terms and conditions and cancel if he or she is not satisfied and does not want to continue the policy.

What is the co-payment facility under the policy?

The co-payment facility under this policy includes a 10% amount of each claim made for the policyholder aged more than 60 years at entry-level and renewals after that.

Is pre-medical screening mandatory to buy the Star Health Mediclassic Insurance Policy?

People over 50 years of age are required to go for medical screening at the nominated centers of Star Health Insurance. Currently, the company bears the expenses of the medical screening.

Can Star Health Insurance cancel my policy?

Star Health Insurance can cancel your policy on the grounds of hiding of material fact, misinterpretation, moral hazard, fraud, as specified in the proposal form or at the time of claim, or non-cooperation by the insured individual. In such a situation, 30 days notice is given to the policyholder through a registered letter at his/her last known address.

Who is eligible to purchase the Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy?

From 5 months to 65 years of age, any resident of India can purchase a Star Mediclassic Health Insurance policy. Children can be covered with their parents. This policy can also be taken by HIV-positive people too.

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