Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

One of the most trusted standalone health insurance companies in India, Max Bupa Health Insurance, offers affordable health insurance plans catering to different requirements of its customers. The leading insurer offers several health insurance plans for individuals and families backed by several features and coverage benefits that the policyholders can opt for as per their budget and requirements.

Some of the popular health insurance plans under Max Bupa Insurance company are Health Premia, Health Companion, ReAssure, and MoneySaver Policy. These plans come with different sum insured options and other attractive benefits.

7 Best Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

  • Max Bupa ReAssure: ReAssure is an indemnity-based health insurance policy, ensuring that the insured and his or her family have complete financial assistance during medical emergencies, including coronavirus treatment. The policy covers up to 6 members, aged between 18 years and 65 years. The policy offers several coverage benefits, including pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, in-patient hospitalization expenses, domiciliary hospitalization expenses, daycare treatments, emergency road ambulance expenses, organ donor expenses, etc.
  • Max Bupa Health Companion: This plan is designed while considering the requirements of individual and nuclear families in mind. It is an affordable plan offering cover up to Rs 1 Crore. Available on individual and family floater plans, the Health Companion plan also comes with additional cover benefits such as pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, daycare treatments, organ donor, and more. 
  • Max Bupa Health Premia: The Health Premia Plan is a comprehensive plan offering complete coverage for individuals and families. It covers maternity expenses, newborn baby expenses, and emergency medical treatment expenses across the globe. The policy has three variants, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum, ensuring the best health care coverage to the policyholders. The policy provides considerable sum insured options up to Rs. 3 Crore along with several other benefits, such as coverage for 19 relationships in a single policy. 
  • Max Bupa GoActive: GoActive by Max Bupa is an affordable, digitally-enabled health plan and comprehensive plan catering to people’s diverse daily health needs. The plan covers in-patient hospitalization expenses, OPD, second medical opinion, diagnostics & health checks, behavioral counseling, personalized health coaching, and others. Available on an individual and family floater basis, the GoActive plan comes with I-Protect as an optional benefit, which offers 10% enhancement at the time of renewal.
  • Max Bupa Money Saver: MoneySaver Policy is an affordable health insurance policy, combining the benefits of two other policies – Health Companion and Max Bupa Health Recharge. The policy includes several healthcare expenses such as pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, AYUSH treatments, daycare procedures, etc. Additional features that the policy offers are a No Claim Bonus of 20% for every claim-free year, which can go up to even 100%, free look period health check-up, direct claim facility, cashless treatment, etc.
  • Max Bupa HeartBeat: The health insurance plan provides medical coverage for individuals as well as extended family. The Heartbeat plan by Max Bupa comes with three plans – Heartbeat Individual, Heartbeat Family First, and Heartbeat Family Floater and each plan has two to three variants: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It provides additional coverage, including pre & post-hospitalization coverage, annual health check-ups, maternity, and newborn benefits, alternative treatments, and cashless claims processed within 30* minutes.
  • Max Bupa Health Pulse: Max Bupa Health Pulse is designed with a holistic approach and offers customized benefits. The plan provides complete coverage with the sum insured option ranging from Rs. 3 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh. Available on an individual and family floater basis, the Health Pulse plan covers different members of the family such as a spouse, children, etc.

Benefits of Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

  • Max Bupa Health Insurance features a cashless OPD network of 2,000 doctors & teleconsultation, ensuring quick and convenient doctor consultations. In this way, during medical emergencies, policyholders can easily get health and wellness assistance.
  • Max Bupa Health Insurance offers pick-up service of diagnostic samples from home & medicine delivery to home. This doorstep delivery service is a great help for the policyholders from the insurance provider.
  • The Max Bupa Health Insurance provides lifelong renewability options to its policyholders, which allows policyholders to stay insured for their entire lifetime.
  • Policyholders having different health insurance plans can port their policy to Max Bupa and continue availing the benefit. 
  • Max Bupa Health insurance policies offer an extra sum insured equal to their base amount if their existing sum insured gets exhausted for a subsequent health insurance claim in the same financial year.

Inclusions of Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

  • In-patient hospitalization: This benefit offers cashless coverage for hospitalization expenses at the network hospital. The costs include doctor’s fees, room rent, nursing charges, medical tests, amongst others.
  • Pre and Post hospitalization expenses: Medical expenses incurred for 60 days before hospitalization and 90 days after getting discharged from the hospital are covered under Max Bupa health insurance plans.
  • Daycare procedures: The insurer covers expenses incurred towards daycare treatments which are completed within 24 hours and do not require hospitalization.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation: Medical expenses incurred for home treatment in case of unavailability of a hospital bed or on the doctor’s advice, continuing for at least 3 consecutive days, are covered under the health insurance plans by Max Bupa.
  • Emergency Ambulance Cover: The health insurance policies under Max Bupa cover emergency ambulance expenses up to Rs. 3,000, incurred towards the transportation of an insured member to the hospital during a medical emergency.

Exclusions of Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

Max Bupa Health Insurance does not cover the following exclusions:

  • Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery: Medical expenses incurred towards cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures to improve appearance, unless advised by the doctor, are not covered by the Max Bupa health insurance plans.
  • Dental or Oral Treatment: Expenses towards procedures, diagnostic, or preventive services, treatments related to disease, disorder, and conditions of natural teeth are not covered unless required for in-patient hospitalization due to an accident.
  • Artificial Life Maintenance: Expenses related to artificial life maintenance services comprising life support machines to sustain an insured person who is in conditions like deep coma and others are not covered.
  • Mental and Psychiatric Conditions: Treatment of mental illness, mood disorders, psychotic and non-psychotic disorders such as depression, dissociative or stress-related disorders are excluded from the coverage.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Expenses related to treating, screening, and prevention of sexually-related infection or disease are not covered by the health insurance plans by Max Bupa.


The above-mentioned inclusions and exclusions may vary from plan to plan offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance. Therefore, the policyholder must go through the policy guidelines to know them in detail.

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