Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans

Counted among the largest public sector general insurance companies in India, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company offers comprehensive health insurance plans for individuals, families, senior citizens, and so on. The leading insurer ensures hassle-free policy buying within a few minutes. The health insurance plans by Cholamandalam provide broad coverage and include pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization cover, AYUSH coverage, pre-existing disease coverage, amongst others. In addition, the insurer also offers other advantages such as grace period, lifelong renewability, portability, cashless hospitalization, customer support, and many more.

Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans

  • Flexi Health Insurance Plan: This health insurance plan by Cholamandalam offers the flexibility to decide the policy term, premium payable, and sum insured. It also allows the policyholder to choose the doctor, services and enables increased control over health care. The policy also comes with short waiting periods for chronic conditions and the availability of International Medical Second opinion.
  • Chola Healthline: The Chola Healthline is a cost-effective and comprehensive health insurance plan which considers life stages while covering an individual. The policy is available on an individual and floater basis. Under floater basis, the policy covers the insured, their spouse, and up to 4 dependent children. It comes with 4 smart health insurance options, each with different sum insured options – Enrich, Freedom, Value, and Privilege.
  • Arogya Sanjeevani Policy, Chola MS: A standard health insurance policy provides financial protection against medical emergencies. The policy covers the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, ICU services, bed costs, and stays. Available on an individual and family floater basis, the policy comes with a flexible option to opt from multiple sum insured and various premium payment modes- monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly.
  • Chola Super Top-up Insurance: It is a booster plan for the existing health insurance plan. Chola Super Top-up insurance provides additional coverage for the medical expenses over and above the existing sum insured. Once the sum insured gets completely exhausted and the deductible amount is subtracted, then the Chola Super Top-up comes into play and can be utilized for covering the remaining amount.
  • Chola Hospital Cash Healthline (Revision): This plan provides a fixed amount to the insured in case of hospitalization, which they can use as per their immediate needs. The amount can be utilized to compensate for the loss of income due to hospitalization to meet other expenses not covered by insurance plans.
  • Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance: This policy covers all individuals covered under this plan and is diagnosed critically ill during the policy tenure. In case the insured survives for a minimum of 30 days from the date of diagnosis, then the plan covers all the expenses, with or without hospitalization bills, in a lump sum. The criteria for Chola MS Critical Healthline insurance are that the insured must present the prescription or certificate as proof of suffering from that disease.
  • Chola Accident Protection: Chola Accident protection repay medical costs and offer compensation in case of disability or death due to accidents. Overall, it provides financial assistance in an accident leading to disability/death.

Benefits of Cholamandalam Health Insurance Plans

  • Cholamandalam Health Insurance plans come with a portability feature wherein the policyholders can port their existing policy to a similar type of health insurance plan under this insurance provider having the same sum insured and continuation of benefits. It helps policyholders to avail themselves of better coverage from a better insurance provider without losing their benefits.
  • The health plans by Cholamandalam MS come with a lifelong renewability option which allows the policyholders to stay insured for the entire lifetime with their health insurance policy without any break.
  • The leading insurer provides free health check-ups to its policyholders once in every 2 claim-free years and 3 claim-free years. This is a kind of value-added offering for the policyholders to be connected with the insurer.

Inclusions of Cholamandalam Health Insurance plans

  • In-Patient Hospitalisation: Cholamandalam Health Insurance plans cover in-patient hospitalization expenses that require over 24 hrs of hospitalization for any illness or accidental injury up to the amount of sum insured. This feature covers the cost of the room, nursing charges, ICU, physician’s fee, blood, oxygen, medicines, and drugs, etc.
  • Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Expenses: Medical expenses incurred within 30 days prior to the hospitalization and within 60 days after the discharge from the hospital are covered under the health insurance plans. However, the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization period may vary from plan to plan.
  • Day Care Procedures: Any procedure or treatment which requires less than 24 hours of hospitalization are covered by Cholamandalam health insurance plans up to the limit of the sum insured. The insurer covers a total of 141-day care procedures.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation: Medical expenses incurred for treatment at home or domiciliary hospitalization due to inability to move to hospital or unavailability of beds in the hospital are covered under Cholamandalam health insurance plans. However, there is a condition that the hospitalization should continue for a minimum of 3 days, then only the insurer compensates its costs for a maximum of 7 days per insured person in a policy year.
  • AYUSH Coverage: The insurer covers the medical expenses incurred due to hospitalization for more than 24 hrs for the treatment through non-allopathic treatments such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani, Homeopathy, Yoga, and Siddha up to the amount of the sum insured.

Exclusions of Cholamandalam Health Insurance Policies

The insurer will not cover any medical expenses incurred for the treatment of the following factor:

  • Medical expenses incurred for the treatment of illness or injury occurred due to war or any act of war, acts of foreign enemies’ invasion, insurrection, mutiny, and so on.
  • Treatment expenses for injuries and illnesses due to any self-harming actions such as an attempt to suicide.
  • Treatment of injuries or illnesses sustained due to the misuse or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and related products, narcotic drugs, or banned substances.
  • Medical expenses incurred towards cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery, or any aesthetic procedure unless necessitated by traumatic injury, burns, etc.
  • Expenses incurred for treating sexually transmitted diseases or illnesses.


The above-mentioned inclusions and exclusion may vary from plan to plan under Cholamandalam MS Health Insurance plans, and the policy buyers should know them in detail.

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