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Parenthood starts from the day you realize you have conceived even if you don’t have the little one in your arms. The beginning of maternity in itself kickstarts various planning for the would-be parents for their soon-to-be-born baby. This journey called parenthood could be either a bumpy ride or a smooth sailing experience for both parents. Apart from mental and physical strength, maternity requires financial security as well. It is expected to incur several medical expenses and unimaginable hospitalization charges too. Perhaps, this is the reason that now people consider planning in advance with maternity insurance. Care Health Insurance, is one such health insurance company that offers especially designed maternity insurance plans to relieve you of your financial burdens throughout your maternity journey. 

Let us dig deeper to understand what are the maternity plans offered by Care Health Insurance, formerly, known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited, and what are their main features. 

Care Maternity Insurance Health Plans:

Care Health Insurance has introduced specially designed maternity insurance plans called Care Joy Today and Care Joy Tomorrow. Both the plans aim to ensure the maternity expenses for expecting mothers and their newborn babies. Both these health plans have a lot in common and much of the eligibility criteria is the same to buy both these Care insurance plans. However, certain things vary between these two maternity insurance plans. 

So, let us understand the features and benefits of each plan separately and have a look at what they include and what they exclude?

Eligibility Criteria for Care Joy Health Insurance Policy:

Care Joy Today Plan Care Joy Tomorrow Plan
Minimum Entry Age  Child: 1 day 

Adult: 18 years 

Newborn: 1 day 

Child: 1 day Adult: 18 years 

Newborn: 1 day

Maximum Entry Age  Adult: 65 years 

Child: 24 years 

Newborn: 90 days 

Adult: 65 years Child: 24 years 

Newborn: 90 days

Cover Type  Individual/Family Floater  Individual/Family Floater
Sum Assured Options  Minimum: 3 lakh

Maximum: 5 lakh

Minimum: 3 lakh

Maximum: 5 lakh

Policy Term  3 years  3 years
Premium Payment  Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Annually  Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Annually 
No. of people covered  2 (Mother and Child)  2 (Mother and Child)
Maternity Waiting Period 9 Months 24 Months
Coverage for New Born Birth Defects Not Applicable Rs. 50,000

1. Care Health Insurance – Joy Today:

Care Health Joy Today plan is a perfect maternity cover for parents to be. It has been designed specially to cater to the financial needs of the parents and the newborn baby at the most crucial time of their lives. 

Let us have a look at some of its key features and benefits in detail.

Key Highlights of Care Joy Today Plan:

Let us have a look at the main features of the Care Health Insurance Joy Today Plan:

  1. Maternity Coverage: All the pre-and post-natal maternity expenses will be covered under the plan. (*Terms and Conditions applied: Waiting period of 30 days should be over by the time of the maternity.)
  2. New Born Baby Coverage: Whatever medical expenses will be incurred on your newborn baby will be covered under this plan. (Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000 for the sum insured of Rs. 3 lakh, and Rs. 5 lakh, respectively.)
  3. Cashless Hospitalization: This plan allows you to get comprehensive coverage for all your maternity expenses with a cashless hospitalization. You will be spared to make arrangements for the cash during the most precious testing time of your life, which is the delivery of your baby.

Additional Benefits of Care Joy Today Plan:

  1. Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Coverage
  2. Free Look Period
  3. Ambulance Coverage
  4. Cashless Facility
  5. Premium Discounts
  6. Tax Benefits


What is not Included in a Care Health Insurance Joy Today Policy?

Here is a list of conditions excluded from coverage under a Care Joy Today Health Plan:

  1. Any pre-existing diseases until the waiting period of 2 years
  2. Any disease contracted within the first 30 days of buying the policy
  3. All external congenital diseases
  4. All non-allopathic treatments
  5. All routine eye, ear, and dental check-ups
  6. Expenses of In-Vitro Fertilization treatments
  7. Injuries due to self-destruction or suicidal attempt
  8. Expenses for medical treatment of STD
  9. Diseases due to drug or alcohol consumption

2. Care Health Insurance – Joy Tomorrow:

Care Health Joy Tomorrow is a plan designed to meet the maternity and healthcare financial requirements of the mother and newborn baby. It aims to relieve the parents of the increasing cost of hospitalization and maternity by offering comprehensive coverage. 

Let us dig deeper to understand this plan further by reading about its key features and benefits. 

Key Highlights of Care Joy Tomorrow Plan:

Let us have a look at the main features of the Care Health Insurance Joy Tomorrow Plan:

  1. Maternity Coverage: This maternity plan will offer coverage for all maternity-related expenses during the delivery of the child. (Rs. 35,000 for a sum insured of Rs. 3 lakh, and Rs. 50,000 for sum insured of Rs. 5 lakh, respectively.)
  2. Newborn Baby Coverage: All the medical expenses of your newborn baby right from birth till the days he/she turns 90 days will be covered under this policy. (Rs. 30,000 for a sum insured of Rs. 3 lakh, and Rs. 50,000 for sum insured of Rs. 5 lakh, respectively.)
  3. New Born Birth Defects Coverage: Unlike, Care Today Plan, Care Joy Tomorrow offers a lump sum amount of Rs. 50,000 for newborn birth defect expenses.
  4. Optional No Claim Bonanza Coverage: This maternity plan offers a bonus of 100% of the sum insured in case you have not availed of any claims during the first 3 years or the minimum policy tenure.


Additional Benefits of Care Joy Tomorrow Plan:

  • Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Coverage
  • Longer Policy Coverage
  • Ambulance Coverage
  • In-Patient Expenses Coverage
  • Day Care Treatment Coverage
  • Tax Benefits


What is not Included in a Care Health Insurance – Joy Tomorrow Policy?

Now, also have a look at what is not excluded in a Care Joy Tomorrow Health Plan:

  1. Pre-existing diseases or conditions that are diagnosed within 2 days of the policy issuance
  2. Any ailments occurring during the first month from the starting date of the policy except for any accidental injuries
  3. Any injuries occurring due to lifestyle addictions like drugs, tobacco abuse, or consumption of alcohol
  4. Any injuries due to suicidal attempt or self-destruction attempt
  5. Any external congenital diseases
  6. Regular E.N.T., and dental check-ups
  7. All non-allopathic treatments


Why should I purchase a Care Joy Health Insurance Plan?

The cost of maternity delivery in all the major metropolitan cities is approximately between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000. This cost is even higher in the case of a C-section delivery that could cost you approximately Rs. 1 lakh or more. You can get rid of your maternity financial burden during the most special time of your life when you are about to welcome your baby into the world by buying a Care Joy Health Insurance Plan.

How to buy a Care Health Insurance Plan?

One can easily buy a Care health insurance plan by visiting the official Care Insurance website. You need to get a free quote and select either the ‘Joy Today’ or ‘Joy Tomorrow’ plan. Then, enter all the relevant details asked to buy the policy and select the sum assured. Once all these steps are done, just pay the premium amount and you will receive the receipt of your plan with other policy documents and the policy number along with an ecard on your registered email ID.

Can Care Joy Health Insurance Plan be bought after getting pregnant?

Yes, this care health insurance plan can be bought once you are pregnant. However, the benefits of this plan can be enjoyed only if the delivery takes place once the waiting period is over. So, try to purchase this policy at the earliest to enjoy its maximum benefits.

Does Care Joy Health Plan cover 2nd-time pregnancy?

Yes, the plan will provide cover for 2nd-time pregnancy also only if the sum assured amount is not exhausted.

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