Care Health Insurance Policy

Care Health Insurance Policy

Are you looking for a new-age comprehensive health insurance policy? Then, Care Health Insurance could be the best option for you as it ensures the safety of policyholders as well as their family members against any medical emergency. This plan comes with multifarious benefits and is used to cover all your healthcare needs without stretching your financial burden. So, for a worry-free tomorrow, you should opt for a Care Health Insurance Policy.

Eligibility criteria for Care Health Insurance Policy

Minimum entry age For individual,

Child: 1 day, Adult: 18 years

For Floater,

Child: 1 day, Adult: 18 years

Maximum entry age For individual,

Adult: 65 years

For Floater,

Adult: 65 years

Cover type Individual/family floater
Sum insured options 50 lakh, 60 lakh, 75 lakh
Policy term 1, 2, 3 years
Premium payment Quarterly, half-yearly, and annually

Key Highlights of Care Health Insurance plans

  • You will get a sum assured of up to Rs.75 lakh
  • If you opt for the sum assured amount of Rs. 50 lakh,  Rs. 60 lakh, and Rs. 75 lakh, you will get an in-built maternity coverage of up to Rs. 1 lakh
  • If the claim amount surpasses your sum assured, then your sum assured amount will be recharged automatically.
  • You can opt for personal accident cover
  • For all plans, there is no upper-limit entry age
  • For 5 consecutive claim-free years, your sum assured amount can increase by 150%
  • For the floater plan, you can cover any of your family members (father, mother, spouse, children, or any friend)
  • You are eligible for cashless treatment at network hospitals (more than 10000 network hospitals)
  • This policy offers annual health check-ups for policyholders and their family members
  • You can enjoy tax benefits for the premium amount paid towards this plan under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Some special features of this plan

  • If you are suffering from serious illnesses and you want a second opinion for your treatment, this plan arranges and supports you in this context.
  • If you are looking for claim reimbursement, you just need to notify the insurer. The insurer will reimburse your claim as it has a healthy claim settlement ratio and always offers a hassle-free claim process.
  • The waiting period is 48 months for all pre-existing diseases.
  • No Claim Bonus: We recompense you for staying in good health and not filing a cliam under a policy. You will be entitled to a flat increate of 10% in your sum insured for th next claim – free year. During any given family mediclaim policy, we offer a no-claim bonus of up to 50% of the sum insured.

Inclusions in Care Health Insurance Policy

  • In-hospitalization: If policyholders need to be hospitalized for more than 24hrs, then this policy plan covers expenses like surgeon’s fees, blood, anesthesia cost, ICU charges, OT charges, etc.
  • Ambulance coverage: This plan sponsors all the expenses for ambulance coverage (Rs.1500-Rs.3000 per hospitalization) if the policyholder needs any hospitalization in case of a health emergency
  • Pre and Post hospitalization: This plan covers all medical expenses before the hospitalization ( up to 30 days) and after your discharge (up to 60 days) from the hospital.
  • Daycare procedures: This plan covers all types of daycare treatment methods, like cataracts and many more
  • Advanced technology treatment cover: This plan covers advanced treatment methods like robotic surgery, deep brain stimulation, stem cell therapy, oral chemotherapy, etc.  
  • Organ donor expenses: This plan covers all medical expenses for harvesting the organ from the donor for transplantation (from Rs.50000-Rs.3,00000)
  • Domiciliary treatment: This plan offers domiciliary treatment for up to 10% of your sum assured amount.
  • Alternative treatment: This plan supports alternative treatment methods like Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy.
  • Daily hospitalization allowance: Depending on the sum insured you have purchased, you can get a daily cash allowance (Rs. 500 per day) for a maximum of 5 days.

Exclusions in Care Health Insurance Policy

  • Pre-existing diseases (waiting period 2 years)
  • Any diseases contracted within 30 days of the policy
  • Treatment of obesity or weight gain, dental treatment, plastic, and cosmetic surgery
  • External congenital disease
  • Drug addiction or alcoholism
  • Self-inflicted injuries from suicide or any suicidal attempt
  • Injuries or accidents under war-like operations, public defence, rebellion, revolution, etc.
  • Medical expenses for the treatment of STD
  • Expenses of contact lenses, spectacles, and hearing aids

Care Health Insurance Policy cancellation

Policyholders are eligible to cancel their policies within a 15-days free look period. The insurance company will refund the amount minus the proportionate


Is there any mobile application available for Care Health insurance?

Yes, the Care Health-Customer app is available on the play and app store.

Can I purchase multiple health policies from Care Health insurance?

Yes, you can purchase multiple health insurance policies. If the cost of your treatment surpasses the sum assured amount of one policy, you can claim the balance from the second policy.

What are the details required for making a claim for Care Health insurance plans?

For Cashless claim
You need to submit your pre-authorization form, your ID proof, and health card of Care Health Insurance.
For Claim reimbursement, the documents required
· The Claim form
· The hospital bills
· Identity proofs
· Doctor’s investigation letter
· A copy of FIR (if accidental)
· KYC documents
· Medical test reports (X-Rays, ECG, blood reports, etc.)
· Treatment details

What is Co-payment in Care Health Insurance plans?

Only after a certain age, a policyholder can enjoy the co-payment option. In the co-payment option, you need to bear a part of your claim amount. Co-payment is usually a percentage of the sum assured.

What is the time frame within which the hospitalization must be reported to Care Health Insurance?

For hospitalization, Care Health Insurance should be informed within 48 hours and in case of emergency hospitalization, it should be informed within 24 hours of hospitalization.

What is the difference between a top-up plan and a super top-up plan in Care Health insurance?

A top-up policy helps you to make a claim that surpasses your deductible limit and the sum insured of the base policy due to a single hospitalization. On the other hand, a super top-up policy covers you the same way but for multiple hospitalizations.

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