Corporate Insurance Guide

Just like an individual, businesses too need the secured coverage of insurance for smooth running. There are several kinds of corporate insurances, stretching out their coverage canopies to secure all the relevant business-related insurance coverages. In the respect of popularity, corporate health insurance stands high. 

What is Health Corporate Insurance?

Corporate insurance is the technical name of those insurances, which are generally used by large organisations for protecting their business against all sorts of operational hazards including theft, financial damages and losses for various reasons, employees’ health insurance, accidents, etc. Corporate insurance is basically comprehensive business insurance, created overall to benefit the past and present of the employees, considering the well-being of the business and organisation, too. 

Experts say that a fully insured business is still insufficient to grow as long as you don’t combine it with clever, power-charged decisions. Unless it will fail to offer relevant coverage against any frauds or damages committed by the employee(s). Therefore, it is implied that each of the corporate insurances possesses individual limitations. But, despite that, corporate insurances offer lawsuit protection occurred because incorrect decision-making is done either unintentionally or negligence on the part of the employee or the management. 

Under specific circumstances, the insurance companies may even seek necessary legal guidance while settling or disbursing any claim under the corporate insurance sector. Some of the popular types of corporate insurance include professional liability insurance, property insurance, corporate health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, business interruption insurance, product liability insurance. 

Advantages of Corporate Insurance

Corporate insurance offers lots of benefits, keeping your business healthy and intact for a smooth sail. Some of such advantages include:

  1. Corporate insurances create the base for improving the reach and the clientele base of the concerned business. Some organisations insist on doing business exclusively with those companies that are fully insured against probable risks. An insured business carries greater opportunities for expansion under such circumstances. 
  2. Since employees build up an organisation and help it to run the business, they are considered as indispensable assets to the organisation. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure their complete well-being. So, employee health insurance forms a vital part of the successful running of the company. It offers a sense of security for every individual employee, thereby, improving their overall productivity in the long run.
  3. Corporate insurances protect the organisation from any sort of unprecedented or expected loss or damage.
  4. Corporate insurances are essential for protecting the physical assets of the company including computers, stock, furniture, etc. against probable man-made or natural disasters.

Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate health insurance is that type of insurance that offers group coverages in professional organisations from several risks, including the health of the employees, financial losses, accidents, etc. corporate or group health insurance is gaining fast popularity in India.

Benefits of Corporate Health Insurance

  • Added Health Coverage: Under group health plans, the employees have the freedom to choose individual health plans or additional family health plans. This offers added insurance coverage.
  • Pre-Existing Disease Coverage: Some organisations even provide insurance coverages for their employees with pre-existing health conditions. Some even cover certain chronic ailments like hypertension, diabetes, etc.
  • Maternity Coverage: Some organisations provide maternity health insurance coverages, exclusively for female employees or the dependents of their male employees. The expenses of childbirth also get covered here. Moreover, some organisations even cover for the newborns under their group plan, serving no waiting period.
  • Job Satisfaction: Corporate health insurance policies deliver a message that the company is concerned about the well-being of its employees. This ensures enhanced job satisfaction. A potent group health plan is also a great performance booster among the employees. 
  • Supporting in case of unprecedented medical emergencies: Corporate health plans offer essential support in case of sudden medical emergency conditions faced by the employee and/or his/her dependents. A group plan ensures that there is no compromise with the quality of the necessary treatment needed. 
  • Attracting Potent Employees: A commendable group health plan is a major attraction for any individual seeking employment. Offering a good health insurance plans for the employees and their dependents helps to attract as well as retain a noteworthy workforce.


However, you have to remember that a group health insurance plan will cease to exist for the concerned employee if he/she resigns or gets terminated from the particular organisation. As soon as he/she stops being an employee of the organisation, all the benefits offered by that organisation stop for him/her. 

This is a comprehensive guide about corporate insurance, focusing especially on corporate health insurance. But, there are distinct sets of inclusions and exclusions offered by each company. Before applying for settlement, you must clear all the necessary details.